Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Archers - 15 Minutes a Day

I aim to add something to my life - listen to this everyday - 15 minutes - There must be something I can be doing while listening... Clean kitchen? Exercise? Dust? Pick up? or just have a cup of tea and pretend I'm with Clare!

But I have to practice getting used to the accent of the actors (vocalists?), right now I have to concentrate to understand what they are saying. Eventually I'll get to know the characters!

They have the shows up for one week on the website...

: )


  1. I'm a huge 'Archers' fan and have been listening for several years!

  2. Ha ha! I'll lift my glass of rosé to you at 8pm French time this evening.

    If you go to the Podcasts on the site you might be able to download last Sunday's omnibus which is the whole of last week's episodes. You'll be able to work out who is who and catch up at the same time.

  3. I'm caught up now with the sessions that are available. I'm suspicious too of the limping man.....


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