Saturday, June 30, 2012

SewCalGal - FMQ Challenge - June 2012

Directions: Draw a doodle then fill the sections in with FMQing!

JuneCindy Needham

 This was a clever challenge - combining zendoodle with FMQing!

I used scrap batting and material for this piece - I have too many other projects in progress and was  afraid to cut into the new batting for fear I'd mess up the calculations made when purchasing the batting.  I join this with some of my other practice pieces to make a nice lap quilt!

I can tell I have improved as I did not break a needle or jam up the thread while doing this.

Next time I would plan ahead so I could travel to the different sections - I will use this idea again.  It was fun!


You too can join up with the 2012 SewCalGal's Free-Motion Quilt Challenge now to become a better free motion quilter and have the chance to win fabulous prizes!!  

 To enter the June drawing:
1. Write blog entry or post a photo on Flicker. Copy and save the URL.
2. Then go to
3. Click on the June link - you'll go to the screen with information about the challenge for June. The direct link is:
4. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and add the link to your site.

I'm #125 on this list! I'm coding all my entries about this project with SewCalGalFMQ2012 so clicking on that will show the most recent post on top.


  1. It looks great! I would have never thought to do a design like this and, like you, will do a bit of planning next time. Isn't it great to know we are improving?! I love it! ~Jeanne

  2. Your FMQ Doodling is lovely. Great job.


  3. Wasn't this a fun month for the challenge?!?! Great quilting!


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