Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Days - Fabric and Other Things

Even though I did not touch a sewing machine this week, I'm linking to:


Tuesday - June 19 - Nothing with fabric
Wednesday - June 20 - Nothing with fabric
Thursday - June 21 - Nothing with fabric
Friday - June 22 - Nothing with fabric
Saturday - June 23 - Nothing with fabric
Sunday - June 24 - Nothing with fabric
Monday - June 25 - Nothing with fabric

Other - Too Much Information

Tuesday - June 19 - Took mom to exercise.  Called the beauty college but they did not have anyone there to do her nails, so instead just parked at the store and walked mom back to her place.  She made comments about the cars and how nice the day was.  Chatted a little with Tessie, she is growing tomatoes and chilies in the back patio.  I'll need to take a photo - it's very impressive what she has going in such a small planter!

Wednesday - June 20 - Made lemonade out of lemons - well, not really.  But DH had said yesterday that he was going to go to campus early in the morning so I had been looking forward to one of my productive days where I do paperwork, laundry, clean and watch TV!  But since he was here I had to keep quiet.  After a bit I took shower and went to beautiful Point Loma - to the redone seafood restaurant.  So I had a lobster roll over looking the boats - saw seagulls, pelicans, and a sea lion!  Then I went to IKEA and looked around.  They have some nice little sinks that might be good in the guest bathroom - and they had mugs in the grey color that our plates are so bought some.  I also got some dinner from the IKEA cafe and brought home the frozen potatoes and meatballs so I could make a meal later on.

Thursday - June 21 - DH left early this AM - so I sort of was able to do some of my 'stuff'.  DS came over to take mom to exercise and the beauty college.  It took a long time for that - he wasn't back until after 5!  I told him that if it takes too long to just tell them I have to take her back now and that would be that.  Sometimes the new students take forever to do anything - they need to know they have to work to get their speed up.  I went thru all the envelopes - there was only one action needed.  Now I need to file the contents of the envelopes.  Took a while to get connected to the printer - have to remember to turn it off, wait, then on again.  I wasted time fiddling with servers and unplugging things first.  We had the IDEA frozen food for dinner.  I want to spend some time to plan the meals for next week - make shopping list so the food is here, etc.  Jose emailed that he had time to come tomorrow to finish things up - at first I said that wouldn't be good as DH and DS are prepping for conference, but then DH said it would be okay as he is going to campus so Jose will come in the afternoon.

I need to get information and pricing for new windows - and make decisions on flooring, the bathroom and the kitchen.  On the outside need to decide on what to grow in front, the drains needed (and be sure to tie into to the gutter downspouts.  I'm way behind on where I wanted to be for the bookkeeping - just need some time alone in the house then it's easy to get caught up.  There is always a dance of being caught up or behind - right now I'm more behind than I feel comfortable with....

I looked at Leah Day's site - the new project will be fun - and I have so many pre-cut strips and squares that I may just need to sew instead of cut!  I can use beige thread so the FMQing part stands out....

Friday - June 22 - Went to cooking class with my son - today was molded sushi - lots of fun - the class was not as crowded as last week - but still not organized into teams ahead of time so had to see where we could get hands on.  We went to buy more vegetables to plant at Home Depot together. Then at home had long chat with the contractor - with new ideas for money to be spent.  Now he is suggesting more cement be put around the front and side of the house - to protect from rain and to make it easier to walk around.  At first he said $1K - but then he emailed that he had forgotten the fee for making the forms and it got upped to $1800 - I have to think.  Especially since the new cement he put down a few weeks ago is starting to have cracks....

Saturday - June 23 - DH left so I was able to work at going thru more envelopes and get ready to file away.

Sunday - June 24 - DH left early!  I finished most of the filing.  Did some cleaning and laundry.  Did some emails for my organization - finished the reinvoicing for groups and vendors - asked for the list of all checks received so I know which individuals to reinvoice!  I still have more bookkeeping to do - but I think tomorrow I will sew a bit - I miss that.

Monday - June 25 - Today was the big presentation at conference for DH and DS.  There was much preparation going on so I did not sew as I didn't want to disturb their work.  I did make a tasty salad for lunch - adding canned beans, avocado, tomato, turnip, celery, mint, celantro, carrot and cucumber together with salt and pepper and sugar.  I put that on lettuce tossed with my dressing.  It was very good.  I was able to get a free registration (I am officer in a local affiliate of the organization).  The presentation went very well.  DH did most of the talking - DS had a bit in the middle - the audience gave him applause after he did his bit.  Teachers can be so nice.  Had nice time with DS walking around the convention center while husband was at an invited social event, then we all went out for dinner.  

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  1. Busy week!. Hope you get can back to stitching soon.


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