Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Days - Fabric and Other Things

I'm hooking up with:


Tuesday - May 29 - Cut a slash start and starting piecing one together

Wednesday - May 30 - Sewed the second star together.  Set up a little ironing center using a typing table and hand towel.

Thursday - May 31 -Nothing with fabric

Friday - June 1 -Nothing with fabric

Saturday - June 2 -Only cut fabric - no sewing.

Sunday - June 3 -Nothing with fabric

Monday - June 4 -Nothing with fabric

Way Too Much Information - On My Week

Tuesday - May 29 - The work on the house - at least this round of it is winding down.  The worker has a few things to finish up - then it's just round up and order the grass and install the plugs (then a lot of weeding I suspect).  I picked out a bright red and put it with b&w dots to make another slash star block.  The designs haven't been appealing to me and didn't see like something I'd learn from, but this one was a design technique I had previously bookmarked as something to try so I made and posted the blocks for the drawing.

Wednesday - May 30 - Today I actually sewed and trimmed - it was nice.  I posted my two blocks on the BlockLotto site.  The workers were here to make the planter boxes for B, to add texture to the patches, mount the speaker under the TV, and fix the side gate.  Unfortunately when they fixed the gate the nail or screw or whatever came into the living room and pierced the floor to ceiling mirror.  It looks like someone had shot a bullet into the wall - but then the worker figured out what it was.  We told him not to worry - that we were either going to replace that mirror take it down anyway.  He was sad it had been broken kept offering to get a new mirror and to mount it, etc.  In the afternoon I had meeting with the new group preregistration lady - will be great to pretty much have that off my plate.

Thursday - May 31- Day was planned around a meeting for the event- it was a pass off meeting between the guy who has been helping for many years to the lady who will be taking it over.  It was very organized - went very well.  On the way back B & I went to 99 Ranch to get food so A and I could make spring rolls for the potluck tomorrow.  It was fun to make them with A.

Friday - June 1 - Today was the last cooking class of the term. (There is just one week off, then a three week class - then it's off until September.)  So instead of class, it was a potluck.  Our spring rolls were received well. The food made was good - I think A and I were the only ones to make a recipe from the class though.

Saturday - June 2 - I went to quilting class.  There was already a line for the Accuquilter- so I spent time ironing my fabric and asking teacher for advice on which colors to use.  Decided on 4 yellows and 4 blues - my plan was to make six blocks of each - but it ended up some of my pieces were not long enough so I only did three blocks of each.  This was just to be a leader and ender project - so I can get started anytime I want.  I can cut the rest by hand or in September.

Sunday - June 3 -Woke late - but did spend three hours painting outside- I did the left side and B did the right side.  It was fun to work on that together.

Monday - June 4 - Woke late - but had a list made of things to do and did get prescription for toothpaste put into CVS so I should be able to pick it up tomorrow. Then to Home Depot to order the side door - it will arrive in around 2 weeks.  They happen to be having a sale so the price was lowered by $84!  Good deal.  The dentist visit was okay - she suggested I use a sonic care brush as it has a timer - so I will brush longer.  A had left his at home - I wrote him to see if I could use it.  Then I went to Walmart to get supplies for mom - and shopped a little.  B likes the nuts so got him that.  I went to a new Thai restaurant - but it ended up it was a second restaurant and we have been to the first one - but brought food home.  Then B and I went to Home Depot to get the door handles, dead bolt - and new sprayer for round up.  It was too late when we returned so will do that first thing tomorrow.  Also tomorrow and for the rest of the summer, my mom's two times a week sessions start up again.


  1. You have lots packed into your schedule, 3 out of 7 days is a good week as much as you have going on.

  2. very busy week. three days seems pretty good for your schedule and I'm guessing you did more than 15 minutes each time ...

  3. busy, busy, and busier~!!~
    how do you do it all~!?

    i'm glad for you that you were able to get in three days of stitching.



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