Sunday, September 4, 2011

FMQ - Oil Slick


Front - Oil Slick
I watched the video  - design  involves creating squiggly loops and filling them in - then tracing back over those areas and starting another loop.  There are notes to use thin thread - but I only have what I have.  I know the traveling part will look okay on the front, but on the back it will look real ugly.

I do not think this is a beginner pattern at all.  So we'll see how I do! (My first thought was to just skip it but I think I will try later on....)

I wrote to Leah earlier about how she codes the beginner patterns and she said something about how she needed to have beginner designs or people would think it was too hard - but I think she has enough patterns now that she could go thru and redo her coding - it would save other beginners frustration.  I think the curvy patterns are harder - the ones where you have to move the direction of the fabric are harder - the ones where you have to travel back are harder too.  Any design with these three characteristics are not beginner ones they are at least beginner intermediate!

I drew the pattern on a piece of paper to  test it out and decided to give it a go.

Oil Slick - Back
But then I remembered I had finished the last section of the Wonky Shoo Fly, so I had to spend time getting a new section ready for FMQ.  That always takes a while - and since my walking foot isn't working right I first tried with the darning foot - then just the regular 1/4" foot - that worked better to outline the blocks that have a wonky shoo fly....


It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  I broke the thread two times while doing this block - but it wasn't as scary as I feared.  It doesn't really look like an oil slick - but it's what the block was telling me to do....

I think it wasn't hard as I wasn't really doing the pattern as she intended.  My result looks more like some sort of modern Danish drawing of people bending and sitting on different things.  Looks okay though - I'm moving on to the next beginner design!