Sunday, September 11, 2011

FMQ - River Path and WSF Section Completed


The video is pretty clear - it shows how to start and then how to fill in on one side.  Looking fotward to doing this design.


I thought this was going to be a really easy pattern to do - but I lost track of how many times the thread broke or even worse the needle skipped and then  picked up again.  I understand now why she had the curve arranged so the foundation line goes almost up to the edge - then the remaining stitches are just in the small area - it's hard to try and make several large curves - easier to do in the sections.  The end result is nice looking - I need more practice to really like doing these large curves though.


I have now finished another basted section of the Wonky Shoo Fly quilt!

Now I will be finding the rest of the blocks and sewing them together so I can baste them together so I can practice more free motion quilting....

But first I'm going to switch over to working on my Liberated Round Robin project. I want to sandwich what I have done now and quilt it - then use the QAYG border method for adding my yet to be sewn rectangle and curved borders.