Friday, September 9, 2011

FMQ - Overlapping Arches


The simple design seems doable - the complex one does too.  She mentions marking it when doing the more complex pattern, but doesn't show an example.  And the video does not show how to start and end new rows of the design in the block.  I think if you just wrote down directions to yourself you could do the more complex pattern.  Wide short arch - go back to center and do tall skinny arch - go back to center and do a tall wide arch - something like that.  I'm not even sure marking really would help for this design as there is so much traveling back. I'll have to draw this out to figure out the traveling required.  I'm thinking this is not really a beginner design as traveling is required....  We'll see...


Getting to the second row wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.  I just did the simple arch version - in the end it reminds me of the Cat design from the very first - I didn't like that one.  Don't really like this one either - will need to try again with a more complicated plan so it looks fancier.