Monday, September 5, 2011

FMQ - Jagged Cosmos

Jagged Cosmos - Front
The video does show that the fabric needs to be moved as you get to different parts of the design....  At the corners you have to sort of fill the pattern in - then remember to add the points again as you continue on with the design.  It would be difficult to do with a big sandwich - but I have a pretty small one so will give this a try!
11:57 am

Jagged Cosmos - Back
Broke the thread a few times, ran out of bobbin, replaced with a not full bobbin, ran out of bobbin, reloaded two bobbins. While I was doing the pattern I thought how I was not doing what Leah had shown.

Now that I see it, it looks pretty good.  This was a good design to practice making angles and repositioning the fabric.  To avoid the straight lines I added an angle before I thought I was going to have to reposition the fabric.  This will be one I try again later.