Friday, October 9, 2020

Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along

Carole From My Carolina Home is hosting another Autumn Jubilee!  She has so many projects that she is sharing - incredible amount of work and although us mere mortals could only hope to do one of them, it is fun to read her clearly written directions and see how things can be done.

The one that is really catching my eye this time is the row along quilt.  So far there are stars and trees done in fall colors.  I have never actually seen trees with leaves in these bright fall colors, but hope to some year soon.

It seems from the web that there are a lot of people who are able to get sewing and projects done during these stay at home days.  I've managed to master the food ordering and making of meals, and the standard things one does.  But I have yet to settle into a nice schedule of sewing or doing things just for fun.  Guess I'm paying for still needing to clear out the garage.  I keep moving boxes and going thru them - it seems to be my life's work...  Hmm.  I guess having a personal trainer for three or four times a week for 60-90 minutes counts as doing something just for me.

But someday I will be able to just power thru and sew projects to learn new skills and just have fun.  Carole always has lots of posts to read and learn from.  She is like a real person Martha Stewart - without all the staff and helpers to get the various projects designed and put together!


  1. I have been in this house for almost 4 years and I still have boxes in the garage! LOL

    1. : ) Boxes seem to be a never ending issue. When we moved here there were some timing issues, so we ended up having to pay the movers to help pack. Guess I had more energy then - even though I had a little baby. I went thru boxes a few month later and found a very neatly done up box full of dirty diapers! They didn't smell. Son was still a little baby so they were smallest of diapers. Guess that was the only good thing about that. Thanks for coming by!


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