Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Play with Me QAL: 09-2016 Snakes and Ladders
The last game board for 2016 is Snakes and Ladders!

Here is my version in various denims...

Click to see the way other folks made the game board!

I'll be adding a back with a zipper so this can join the other Play with Me pillows from the year! 


Escondido City Hall Area Photos

 Nice event that I didn't attend, but what a great idea for a library to host each month!


  1. It looks amazing!! I really like how the boards look with the denim!! Don't forget to share a picture with all the boards together for an extra chance in the final giveaway :) Thanks for playing along! I enjoyed seeing all the variations that you came up with!!

    1. Thank you! I'm just taking a photo now! (After the weekend I'll have time to finish up the pillow part.)

  2. Such tiny,tiny piecing =) It looks wonderful.

    1. Thank you Katrin! Appreciate it! I'll email as soon as I can!


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