Saturday, September 10, 2016

My First Guild Meeting: Village Quilters Presentation by Lyn Brown

I have been considering joining a guild, but have kept coming up with reasons to not join one. But found out last week that a local one (Village Quilters) was having a presentation by a person I used to follow on the internet, Lyn Brown.  So I decided to attend!  And I'm so glad I did.  Not only did two others that I meet in the adult ed class I'm starting to attend (so I got to know them more), but I got to see someone I had met online (We were chatting about quilting and it turned out my son was working at the desk behind her!)

Lyn showed many of her quilts, pointing out errors or telling us things she had done to fix an error. I took photos as we had permission to do that but it's better for you to go to her site to see her quilts there.  She has a wonderful way of guiding people to create fun projects, and her site has always had a combination of free projects, and ways to just buy the patterns with value added of different sizes and additions.  Her patterns are available thru Craftsy.  A very nice way to create a community of admirers and supporters. I often wished I lived nearer to Orange County so I could attend her classes when she was teaching. 

Anyway, Lyn Brown gave a great presentation.  If you have the chance I recommend anyone to see her!

The guild had donated fabric for sale on a table, books to check out, kits for charity projects, BOMs and for Christmas bazaar items to pick up, Lyn Brown's patterns and books for sale, and a delicious spread of snacks too!

The welcome quilt

Snacks. New to me was cream cheese with coconut, walnuts and raisins stuffed in celery sticks - Yum!

The ceiling of the room.
They had several drawings and my name was pulled so I won these fat quarters!  (Actually my name was pulled two times but the second time I said to give the gift bag to another person.)
Almost everyone I chatted with knew someone that I knew in other parts of my life - so that was fun.  One of the ladies asked me if I was new to the area, and seemed to understand when I said no, I had live there for a long time but now after home schooling and taking care of my mom, it was time to make friends...  : )

I looked at several local guild webpages but this one had a very nice number of outside speakers. They were certainly very welcoming to me.  Next Village Quilter event is October 8th.

$5 guest admission, $1 donation toward snacks.  

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