Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tuesday July 16, 2012: Harvard Vegetables and Trivia Night

Fitbit: 15361 steps, 6.4 miles.

I thought today I would get the personal information into quickbooks - just starting in November or December 2012 - but although I know how to do this there were difficulties as I do not really have a wide range of knowledge.

For example:  I have one American Express account - but four cards.  Just now they have made it so I can download by card which is what I wanted to do be doing all along.  But then I don't know how to code the payments!  I don't know how to split that up....  So instead of getting anything done I went through my files to be sure I had the saved PDFs of the data, etc.  Seems I do have access to the statements for the credit union for a year or so so that is okay.  It was really frustrating to not be done with this - but I guess it will have to wait again....

We went to the Harvard Farmer's Market.  They have the most beautiful display and wonderful choices too.  I got some squash blossoms - I'll have to read up how to prepare them. Another bad influence B wanted to eat at the food carts so had a crab salad slider - yum - and even more yum I got a selection of salads from the Whole Foods cart.  I took photos and will post later, pretend they are here!

In the morning I had written our friends to see if they wanted to meet for trivia night and they wrote back yes - so about an hour ahead of time I left to walk to that location.  I planned my trip so I passed a Rite Aid so I was able to get another sun visor.  They only had four left when I got there so I actually bought two of them so I have a back up - it was hot yesterday but without a visor I knew I would burn up so that influenced my staying in too.

The houses had more space between them than where we are staying, they were very nice.  One has to walk farther though to get to little businesses.  The people there also really have to have cars as the public transportation is sort of spotty.  B took a bus to the trivia night and had to go to Boston then back in - and it took him about an hour too.  He left later so he arrived later too.

It was good to see J&B again.  They have been off to Florida to visit B's mom and then to Virginia to visit J's son.  Sounds like a working trip for J.  He went to buy things to install at their houses and was fixing things.  They got to swim every night in Florida and they enjoyed that a lot.

A wrote that he visited my mom today and she was doing very much better - it was encouraging to him - it was wonderful that he wrote with the update.

So when I went to bed there was a pile of papers on the table, left over from my attempt to be organized.  I think I will just skip doing Quickbooks again for the family information - I'll leave that for another time.  I do still need to go thru and prepare the figures for the 2012 taxes - I didn't have the end of year statements and we weren't home so I only filed extensions for that.  I have to set up the preregistration for the event too.

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