Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday July 14 2013: Longfellow House, Huron Neighborhood, Great Manicure, Davis and Porter Square

Fitbit: 10.54 miles.

Today was a beautiful day - again!

I walked thru Cambridge and Harvard Square.  Stopping in different shops to try and get another sun visor but I was unsuccessful...

I passed the on your honor book table and found a few books - but $8 in the box and went on to Longfellow's house.  I've been here several times, I just enjoy being around the place.  Today they had various events to commemorate the arrival of George Washington.  It was very nice.  I stayed and listened or read some of the information.  I had timed my arrival wrong though so I did not see the reenactment.

On past Longfellow up thru the Huron Neighborhood.  Nice houses.  I found one for sale and sent information to B and went to another one that was for sale and was having an open house.  They had just converted from a two family to a one family house - nice job but we are most interested in multifamily places....

It was a short hop to Massachusetts Ave.  I thought I'd go up to Arlington to a fabric store, but got side tracked when I saw a nail place that was open.

I had one of the best manicures I have ever had - she did a wonderful job shaping my nails - I even had her put nail polish on both my toes and fingers.  I ended up having a hair cut - a razor hair cut and had my legs waxed too for good measure!  What a treat!  I was there for over two hours - there wasn't time for facial...  Maybe I can return before we leave....

I was going to continue to Arlington, but my heart was not into it as the fabric store would be closed by the time I got there and it seemed the path was going thru lots of greenery and I was thinking the bugs would come to get me.  So I circled back and took the bike/walking path back to Davis Square.  There was lots of activity with restaurants and all.  I rang B and he got dressed and took the T to meet me - we ate at Redbones - a popular BBQ place.  We didn't order the right food though so it wasn't a delicious meal for us.

We walked to Porter Square and stopped by the grocery store to get some milk - then took the T home.

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