Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday July 12 2013 Campaign Manager 2008, Mt Auburn Cemetery, The Charles, and Homeless Shelter

Fitbit:  11.15 miles

As I have mentioned before, when I get busy doing things then I have been skipping the blog.  I'm writing this a few days later just to record the memories...

I walked a lot today.  It all started with a freecycle posting for a board game!  The pickup location was near Mt Auburn Cemetery and Fresh Pond.  Places I have wanted to visited but hadn't so far....  The walk was very pleasant - I went up Brattle Blvd pass Cambridge Common, Longfellow House and other nice houses.  There were churches and businesses too.  When I got nearer to the pick up point I called and the lady brought the game to the lobby so I could get it.  What a pretty apartment building - it looked to be a converted factory with such a nice lobby. Pretend there is a photo here!

In the parking lot was Collins Branch of the library so I stopped to visit that while I was looking for a place to eat - and that in the downfall of this part of Cambridge/Watertown.  No places were coming up nearby for cafe, restaurant or coffee!  I did find the a beautiful Str Market so got a chicken wrap and tea and sat on a bench in front of the bank to eat.

Then I went into Mt Auburn Cemetery.  It's a beautiful place - not only filled with memorials, but trees, plants, birds, wildlife and at least two chapels.  They have a book club each month, bird watching tours, etc.  Quite a community thing.  There is a tower to climb to see Boston from afar. I'd like to return in the winter to see in the snow!  It's so large they have street names to help you find your way!

I walked back on Memorial Drive so was next to the Charles.  I passed a private school and spoke with a teacher while we crossed the street - teachers are so nice!  There were rowers on the water.  That was something I had wanted to do while here - to join the community rowing club.  But my mom fell and I wasn't sure we'd even be able to stay so I didn't join when the prices were low...  Next time I hope!  Would be good for my arms to do that!

When I got to the Trader Joe's I went in for something to drink and also got the granola I like so much and some pasta sauce to put on the frozen lobster ravioli we got at the farmer's market in Central Square.

Another 20 minutes and I met Dan at the MIT Student Center.  We then went to the homeless shelter and met Ursula to serve the dinner for around 300 people.  They had a nice chicken parm, pasta, string beans and bread meal.  Another volunteer came late.  He was from Iran - it was interesting to chat with him.  This was my fifth time at the shelter. I didn't recognize as many people as the previous times.  I hope that means those people have found housing and jobs!

We took the bus back to MIT, it was so nice to chat with my new friends.  We made plans to see each other at least one more volunteer opportunity and again next summer.  Ursula and I kidded that we'd be penpals.  We'll see!  Both she and Dan are moving their offices so are very tired from packing things. Dan and I wrote during the days after the bombing - was in Watertown during the shut down...

I ate left over salmon and B ate the leftover beef salad from the Thai place we ate last night.  Then we watched a little TV (the last episode of the Last Detective).

Good day!

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