Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday July 15, 2013: TV and Quickbooks

Fitbit:  7763 steps, 324 miles

Today it was really hot, and I needed to get caught up in my Quickbooks for our business - so I just watched TV in the air conditioning or worked did the books!  Feels good to be done with that for now that is.  It's like making your bed and some many other chores - never ending.  I do like the way everything is summarized so nicely though.  Next on the list is getting the personal info into a new account in Quickbooks - then I will go back to the conference work.

In the evening I got B to come along for a walk - we went only to Central Square and he wasn't a good influence again as we went to a pizza place.  I got a chicken curry salad - it didn't have a lot of curry.  They just waved the seasoning jar at the salad as it left the kitchen I think.  I also had one piece of pizza....  We went to the Star market to get supplies for salads and breakfast.  Then it was straight home.

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