Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday July 13 2013: The Garmet District, Following the Charles to Boston, North End, Dinner

Fitbit: 8.6 miles

Today I slept in a little then did some emails.  Since it was Saturday I couldn't do phone calls that I needed to do - there were several events I had heard about that I wanted to go to.  But then I heard about a flash mob event and tried to get together to do that.  I would have arrived too late so didn't go in that direction.

I kept to one of my plans to walk to MIT then to continue on my walk along the Charles.

Passed by The Garmet district and got a jacket and skirt for my son's girlfriend, a possible shirt for B, and two pairs of pants (one to wear and one to cut up for quilt) - for $7.20!  It's such a fun place to stop into.  Wonderful to get cotton shirts for quilting.

It was then a short distance pass new buildings to the Charles.

I saw a place to rent a kayak.  I spoke to one of the guides from the bridge as they went under - sounded fun. About $20 an hour she said - but I'm not sure if that included the guide time.  Another good thing for my arms and seemed very safe to be in the off shoots of the Charles (at least to start).

It was a different river down there, more tour boats, moored sail boats. For most of the time just a narrow street then larger businesses, hotels, apartments on the left.  Once I got to the Sonrista Hotel (we had stayed there in 2004 with A) it was very near Boston and the walkway along the river ended.  I walked up the stairs and rejoined the cars and bustle of streets.  There was a Macy's and other stores - but my objective was the North End so I continued.  Walking the steps A and I had done together - pass another rowing club, pass the Science Museum.  There was quite a variety of funny looking duck tour busses in front of the museum.

The buildings got quite large - federal buildings or maybe state buildings - government buildings massive but very attractive.  Small places to shop and eat.  I made my way to the North End was still under 10K steps!

Realized the Haymarket T stop was right there - would have saved A and H so many steps if I had known that!

I went in to several pastry shops and got pine nut cookies to comparison taste.  The first shop didn't give me the 50 cent change back - instead he put it in the tip jar.  The cookie was good - but I won't go back.  It was really the only pastry shop without a line, I wonder if others already knew about their tipping policy!

There were lots of tourists but not too crowded.  What a great place to go on a date and hold hands and be with people!  I went to the White Hen and got a banana - took it to  Paul Revere mall to eat. Fun to see people pose for photos for each other.  Called B to see if he wanted to come over but there was no answer.  Went on to explore streets I hadn't seen before.  After awhile B called back and said he'd come over, that I was to find a place to eat.  So then I returned to the restaurants and found nice place that did not have a long line - Deni(sp?) I'll chack the name and will put it here.

I had time to go to Government Center to join hundreds of people to listen to a Mexican Band playing under a temporary tent.  Then I crossed over to the Holocaust Memorial - very moving.  I had passed it with H and her mom but didn't know what it was! Looked like narrow glass boxes then.  Now the etching was clear so I could see there was something to read and think about.

I went to Haymarket to meet B.  We walked over to the restaurant and had a really nice meal.  He got pumpkin tortellini and I got the best grilled chicken cafe salad. Delicious!  We saw them make 16" sandwiches that were on the menu for under $10 - this was a good find.  Many restaurants had lines of people waiting to eat - I was glad to avoid that!  We ended up in line though at Mike's pastry - got a cannelloni with pistachio nuts.  They did not have any pine nut cookies - I forgot my back plan was an eclair too crowded with people.  I had my cookies in backpack so it wasn't a problem when I realized I had forgotten to get the eclair.

B didn't want to walk home, but was okay with walking to Park Street station - it was actually alot closer than the South Street station I had H walk with me.  (Haymarket is where we should have gotten on the T though - I was so new to Boston back then!).  It was a nice walk, and great to feel so connected to the city and to realize how much I had learned about locations. There is so much more to learn though.

We got off at Central and walked back.  Oh I want to live here all the time!

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