Sunday, February 28, 2021

Weekly Round Up 8: A Little Cutting and Sewing - and a Plan


Just the littlest of cutting and sewing...

I think I cut the squares for my 3-D bow tie quilt this week.  Looking pretty good. Now I have to get these sewn so it's easier to decide what color fabric to use for the outer row and columns to even the sides up and whether I need to extend the quit more. 

And I sewed together the test block for the block swap:
Looks pretty good but it is not 9.5 inch square so I need to find a different pattern. One where I can have lots of plain fabric near the sides so I can just use my ruler to trim the block so it's 9.5 inch square. The sewing in this test block is not acceptable for a block swap...  : (

I was just reading where she describes what seems to be easy way to fix this problem. At least in the block she was making.

I will have to wait until the tax papers are sent to the bookkeeper before I can think any more about what quilt block to make for the swap.

I really thought that test wreath block was going to turn out perfectly as I made templates to help me with the cutting.  I thought after making the test block,  I could start to cut the fabric out and just start sewing the blocks whenever I needed a break.

I ordered a 1/4 inch foot for the machine and the piece that makes it so the foot will connect to the machine.  The connector thing doesn't fit so I will be returning that - and have to look for one that will fit.  
I am using an old machine that Audrey got for me while I was in MA in 2013.  It is great.  My other machine is even older (A Kenmore that I'm pretty sure my Mom used in 1967 and perhaps earlier.)

These are the presser feet I ordered and the connecter deal that doesn't fit.

But wait, June, you said had a plan?  A plan for what? 

Well, I decided to cancel all my activities for next week (I can't cancel our son's birthday, getting the second covid vaccine, or the local zoom cooking class I signed up for - no refunds possible and the food is being delivered the morning of the class) but I can concentrate on getting the 2020 taxes in order and hopefully to also organize some other papers that have been piling up too, by not doing walking/chatting or exercising or taking on any new appointments or activities.

It was such a relief actually when I made the decision to take the week off.

I made two kinds of bean soup that will last way into the week - so lunch is set. I will make rice to serve with it and change it up a bit by adding vegetables or meat as I serve it.  I think tomorrow I will freeze some so it is fresh later in the week. 

DH and DS do not usually have breakfast but we have blueberries, oatmeal, and cold cereals they can have if they want.

I planned the dinners and ordered the groceries to be delivered on Sunday:
Pasta, Sauce, Sausage, Squash, Salad?
Salmon Cakes, Remoulade, Asparagus, Salad?
Costco Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Canned String Beans, Salad
Stir Fry with Tofu Cutlets, cabbage, squash, string beans, rice, salad?
Chicken Pot Pie, Salad, Alex Cake
Costco Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Brussel Sprouts, Salad
FriDinner by Zoom

Because I had a plan for the meals I felt I could weed and trim bushes and trees yesterday and the day before. Yard looks a lot better already.

Tomorrow (Sunday before the week of papers):

I may work on organizing the kitchen a bit more. Perhaps doing another food inventory and applying the new stickers I got to put on things so I can easily track things with easier to see expiration dates and/or purchase dates - and then pull the label off and put the date used and then save the stickers until I can record the information in my chart. 

If I can find the birthday wish block from Carolina Moore I will try to make that too. (except she told me it is a traditional rather than paper piecing as I had thought - so it may be too much time for tomorrow completion). 

Or I may just walk and walk to get more February miles in for my 1000 mile challenge

DS said he would shampoo the downstairs carpets (around the 1st), and it could be DH washes the kitchen floor.  But if either of them decided to walk with me instead that would be even better.


Last week, my husband and I drove to Pt Loma to get some wine and shrimp and also got lunches to go - what a treat! It's only the second time, not including medical offices, I have been inside a business since the shut in began. The other time was the post office to get some postcards.

My Milkstreet class on Fearless Shrimp was fabulous! I learned two different ways to make shrimp. My computer froze on me so I got to watch and listen on my phone, so I didn't cook along as planned. I made the dishes the next day and then the next day - what a treat! I really liked them, delicious. Shrimp in Chipotle Sauce and Thai Grapefruit Salad with Shrimp. I will write more in my Dodgeeats blog.

In The Studio with Lauren was very good. She showed different ways to finish up a quilt and how to make a sleeve for it. Too bad I will have to miss the last session of the series, but a new series will start on March 18th. Already know we will be doing log cabins. Such a fun block to do in a wonky or liberated fashion...

The zoom EBHQ lecture was very nice: Jenny Lyon. I'm looking forward to next month's speaker:
Rachel Derstine and to working on the new EBHQ Lone Robin!  This time I will make it smaller so I can finish, in time to be part of show and tell at the end.

I chatted with or emailed friends I hadn't connected with in a while.


I was mask shamed last week during one of my walks.  What a shock!  I tried to be nice while standing my ground, but I as I replay the encounter I know I sounded snippy instead.   

Went something like this:
Hey lady, you don't have to wear your mask.  
But I am walking and talking on the phone, it's easier to keep on than to take it on and off.  You never know when a jogger is going to come by. You are staying in one place on your yard so it's okay to not wear a mask.  
You don't have to wear it cuz you are outside. 
I know I'm outside. I can see I'm outside.  Thank you.  (probably I said this sarcastically)
Well, I wasn't sure you knew you were outside.  
Well, I do. [I walk away.]
Over my shoulder I sort of loudly/rudely said: I'm not addled.  
I walk away, thinking to myself. I wish I were clever and that I need to avoid that block for now on... And I'm embarrassed at myself and that my friend was listening on the phone while this was going on.  Then I try to continue conversation with friend.

I will try to work on better ways to respond for next time, as I imagine there will be a next time, and I feel badly at the way I responded.  

Has that happened to you?  Do you have a response in your back pocket to share?




  1. I love how your dark blue background looks with the bow ties. I’m sorry your wreathe block didn’t turn out as you expected because it’s pretty. I hope you find a way to change it so it works for you.

    1. Thanks so much for dropping by! I'm enjoying seeing your progress on the paper pieced triangles. : )


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