Friday, January 26, 2018

Starry Bright Sky QAL: Textured Block 1 Faux Cathedral Window Variation

This year Alida is adding a textured block for between the stars, and I have completed the first one:  Faux Cathedral Window Variation...  With her directions very easy to do, even though I used a walking foot for the top stitching!

There is still time to join in this QAL, I did one a few years ago and learned so much!  Her directions are very clear and you are of course free to make changes based on your ability or time. For the textured blocks she is using Teresa's directions for the blocks, but changing the measurements so they will fit with her star designs.

She had suggested making improv fabric where I put the plain blocks, but I wanted to be sure to keep on track so went with the solids.

I have a collection of solids in yellows and golds and blues so that is what I'm going to be using for this project.


  1. I love textured/3D blocks like this! How cool that they will be part of your Starry QAL :)

    1. Yes, these will be all new aspects of quilting for me - fun, fun! Thanks for coming by!

  2. These blocks are so fun!! I am happy that you enjoyed making them as part of the QAL! I look forward to see all your future blocks!!


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