Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Jan 3 2018: Progress

Well, not really a lot in the quilting department - yet!

Let me go back....  For Christmas this year instead of gifts, I gave each of us ten index cards, and the task of thinking of places and thing we'd like to do together this year - and then to do it!  Too many times we have said we were going to do something and it hasn't happened.  Hopefully these little thirty cards will push us along to having some new experiences together!  Of course, they can't all be long weekends, but a new park or part of town for a walk or coffee would be good too. (I'm going to display the cards on the frig to mark our progress.)

My husband came up with the first idea that we did already! We went to Borrego Springs for the New Year's weekend. DH's idea was to take night sky photos and doing some ham radio exploring too. Stayed in a house so our little Buffy could come along too and have different windows to look out. We didn't think ahead though as there was a full moon so the stars were not very clear after all, radio interference at the house we rented, Still we made the best of it and enjoyed the time to read, relax, cook and chat. Had one meal a day at a cafe, and logged into HQ Trivia for New Years - funny how that turned out.  Did any quilters log on for the event?

Our next adventure away may be a weekend in Idyllwild.

Very low key, but a great way to start the year.  We returned late last night, but while we were there I read QProject 1A - 2018 Leah's post and watched her video about the first part of the machine quilting project that I'll be working on this year, and I read the email from Alida about the  QProject 3 - 2018 Starry Bright Sky QAL.

I washed almost all my fabric before going to a wonderful workshop in Berkeley last fall that I haven't blogged about yet - but my fabric is ready to starch and press and cut.  I just have do commit to the colors to use for the projects. 

QProject 4 - 2018

I'm reminded of a fun blog hop that I have signed to to participate in next month, though so will let you know about this!  I haven't decided on my project to post yet, but it will be fun to think about and do.  Fun for me, and will be fun for the followers too!

The rules are simple, and came today in the mail from Carol, the organizer:

The blog hop is a month away...plenty of time to finish a project, right! I can't wait to see what your heart project is! Besides the rule about having a heart somewhere on your project, the other rules for the blog hop are pretty simple:

1. Show up on your assigned day. I like to schedule my post for the night before around 11 p.m. MST. That way if I'm still awake I can make sure it posted, plus it lets early risers and other time zones see your blog post in the morning.

2. Post the list of the other bloggers on your blog post.

3. Visit the other blogs and leave a nice comment.

4. Have a giveaway or don't have a giveaway. It's entirely up to you.

5. Have fun with it! I'm keeping things simple so it hopefully won't stress you or me out.


QMaybe Project 6 - 2018

And I got word on the new block lotto January block for 2018 - this looks like a lot of fun to make too!  You can see the blocks already submitted on this screen:  Just scroll down to see the photos that will show up next to the "Recent Work The latest blocks posted" heading. They remind me a bit of work by Piet Mondrian.

Going to have to start cutting and sewing if I want to do everything I want to do!

NQProject 7 - 2018

But while on our little adventure I decided to add reading between 30 and 60 minutes everyday...
Starting tomorrow I will record the time and pages read just to keep me accountable to myself...

Dec 31 - Jan 1 | The Keeper of Lost Causes | Page 1 - 385 | Didn't track time.  Great first book in the Danish Detective 'Department Q" Series.

Jan 1 - Jan 3 | How Georgia Became O'Keefe | Page 1- 130 | Didn't track time.

NQMaybe Project 8 - 2018

My son and I had our weekly lunch out together today.  We may work on learning Spanish together.  He already knows more than I do, but needs a language to finish his masters degree.  He has been studying Chinese, but now that he is just trying to finish the degree up it might make more sense to pick an easier language to master.  I was working on Swedish and German myself, but will abandon those for Spanish if it means someone to practice learning with!

NQProject 9 - 2018

The other non-quilting goal is to cook more often at home and to plan several meals out at a time.  Well tonight that's not happening, and might not happen for awhile as I would like to use the food we have in the frig or cupboard already.  So tonight it will be chicken, vegetables, salad and sweets from Christmas or the New Years trip!

NQProject 10 - 2018
Walk and exercise more! I used to do more walking, oddly that was before little Buffy joined the household.  When I walk with her it is like walking with a toddler, with lots of stops and side trips.  It's frustrating actually to want to walk but to be stopped by my partner.  And she knows when I leave without her, I can see her looking at me thru the front window.  Well.  This year I need to get back to at least 9500 steps a day so for some days when I'm inside and she is needing company I have found this site to encourage me along:
Jessica Smith TV - Jan 1 2018

I also paid for the Gentle Yoga class from Sixty and Me, but haven't done more than the first session.  I was disappointed that they started with standing exercises when the photos show exercises done on the floor.  : ( Perhaps by continuing to do them I will like it...  I do need to work on balance, but I was expecting this program to be different and work more on flexibility.  Oh well.


My phone is backing up 10,000 photos - I'll share some from the weekend once that is done!  Hmm I thought the back up would be done by now - but now it says it has started to go thru all my photos again to look to see what to back up!  What a bother!

: )


  1. You sound really organized this year! I'm looking forward to the Put a Little Love in your Quilt hop :)

    1. Well it's good to dream of being organized. It's the 5th and already I am distracted and making a light blue scrap block for . I attended a quilt class and like the charity quilt idea so will need to cut fabric for that. I need to get back to Leah's and Alida's projects though! Started going thru boxes to find my Heart project for the blog hop... Thanks for coming by an encouraging me to continue on the plan!


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