Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Shasta in Columbus and Expenses in Arlington

Went to a lovely quilting store yesterday in Arlington, Massachusetts outside the Cambridge/Boston area.  Fabric Corner.  I wish I had taken a photo of the beautiful selection of fabrics for you, but I was so amazed at the selection and prices that I forgot! When you are in this area do visit!

I tried to stay focused and just pick fabric that would be for this month's stash bee block as I think we are staying longer on this trip than I expected. I didn't bring my sewing supplies with me so if I am to make a block this month it has to be with new fabric.

I did treat myself and bought a yard of the white on white, but will have lots of fabric left over from the other pieces as not much is needed just make one block.

It's hard to post on the blog while on a trip, but I'm having a great time being on the east coast. 

Earlier we were in Ohio and I got to meet an online quilting friend, Shasta - her blog is at http://highroadquilter.blogspot.com/  That was a fun lunch in a very nice part of Columbus.  : )

As soon as I can I will share some photos of that visit, Ohio, and our time in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

I am trying to keep track of my quilting expenses though .... so
Top - Kaffe Heatwave
Middle - RJR Pie Making Day Orange Lattice AND Kona Cotton Periwinkle Blue AND Kaffe Paperweight
Bottom - Cotton & Steel Mochi Dottie's Cousin Pink AND Unknown white on white

1 yard white on white @ $12.99 = $12.99
1/2 yard Kona Periwinkle @7.99 = $4.00
1/2 yard Pie Making Day Orange Lattice @12.99 = $6.50
$23.49 - 30% of $7.05

2 yards of different (Paperweight & HeatWave) Kaffe fabric @$8.99 = $17.98 (to get the discount I had to get a yard of each - at the time it seemed like the right thing to do but already I'm not so sure it was the right decision)

1 fat quarter Cotton & Steel Mochi Dottie's Cousin Pink @$3.50 = $3.50

TOTAL $37.92


  1. Hi June! I was wondering how you are - I figured you must have a longer trip than I thought. Love your purchases. I see lots of circles in there! Especially like the heatwave fabric. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!

    1. Thanks Shasta! The trip was longer than we thought, then got colds when we returned and had things to catch up on. I made sure to use the heatwave fabric after seeing your comment though!
      : )

  2. Those fabrics will make a lovely bee block. I really like the heat wave fabric.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I made sure to use that heatwave fabric since you commented on it too! : )


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