Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Play with Me QAL: 05-2016 Peg Solitaire/Applique
It's another cute tutorial for a game board this month!  I hadn't seen the layout the way it was in the tutorial, but did remember playing this at Cracker Barrel with our boy so I decided to do that layout triangle for the board instead.

I wasn't sure how the applique would work since I'm sewing on denim...  I tried cutting circle and using the machine to outline using a regular stitch.  Then I tried my new machine with the blanket stitch, after sewing the circle on fusible web then turning it backwards - that took a long time.  Then I thought about and just made a square to keep the fabric down.  I even cut a square and tightened the fabric using a cardboard circle to make the shape - that one I didn't even finish as it was way too bulky and time consuming so you won't see that try!

I couldn't find the cheater needle that I use to hide threads so you have to look beyond that for now to see the circles...  I plan to find that needle, hide and take a new photo sometime...  : )
I'm thinking this will be the back of my future game board pillow.

I finished the board game block though...  

How did I do it?

Yes!  With fabric paint!

I used tape to mark where the pegs would go.  And just painted them on!

I'm pleased with how this turned out and feel very clever to have found a solution that worked for me.
(I had also thought about sewing large buttons down, but the ones at the store I went to were $4.00 to $9.00 each!)
Peg Solitaire Board Game - Triangle Version

 I will make this into a pillow later this summer.  For now though I have the game board part finished!

My husband even said the pile of dots has some meaning in his fraternity so it will have extra meaning beyond remembering the time at Cracker Barrel when we played the game together with our son!

I'll work on my applique skills later with regular fabric. I just couldn't do it this time. I read a great post by Made by Chrissy D where she shows how she is working on some Sashiko.  She mentions how she thinks it helping her with other hand stitching.  So perhaps I will try that out too.

Anyway, thank you again Alida for organizing the Play with Me QAL where we are inspired to use different techniques to create a game board.

Please click so you can see what folks are doing, and join in!  You'll see some very pretty work done by the others!


  1. Oh, that's such a great twist of the board! I understand your frustration with the different applique approaches. I am happy that you tried out different ones and that you found a way to get the result you wanted using other media! Thanks for linking you inspiring piece on the blog!!

    1. Thank you for organizing the Play with Me activity. It's great the way you stretch us to do things we may not be familiar with to create the game boards. Thanks for coming by there too! : )

  2. Very cool--I think I'll make another one so I can have one like this!!

    1. Thank you for coming by Sally. I really like the colors and the placement you used for your block this month! : )

  3. I saw this post earlier - can't believe I didn't comment on it. Love the idea of painting the circles, and of course I am going to steal it. Sewing circles is a slow process - sew a stitch, turn, sew another stitch, turn, etc. Painting looks great and accomplishes the task.

    1. Thank you Shasta! We didn't chat as much about quilting as I thought we might when we met in May - but sure ate at a wonderful place and had fun! I hope it works out for us to meet again while my husband is at the Ham Radio event in Dayton!


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