Saturday, May 14, 2016

Stash Bee 2016 Hive 8 - May Block

Circle of Friends!

What a wonderful name Lisa has given her block for the Stash Bee!  Especially appropriate for one that she will be receiving from people all around the world this month.

Her directions were very clear. In addition to notes on measuring after completing a sub-unit, she also told us which way to press the seams.  She made reference to other sites where she had seen the block too so we could read other directions too.

I sent her several photos of possible fabrics before deciding which ones to use, and then resent the photo after taking away the fabric she did not think would be good for her version of the block.

The colors she picked will make a really nice summer quilt once they are combined.

Again I made a block to keep for myself with the polka dotted material and neutral background fabric.  I'm liking my little collection of blocks!  

Here is what the pieces looked like before they were sewn together...

It was a lot easier to just use the one color for background as Lisa requested.  Just cut a strip of 3 inch and then a strip of 5.5 inch fabric and do the subcuts!


  1. It's beautiful June. I like the polka dotted version as well.

  2. Oh, I love this block! I made a quilt for a Japanese friend using it, and titled the quilt "Circle of Friendship." I love that your bee is making it using a similar name.

    1. Thanks for coming by Louise! How nice that your friend got a whole quilt made of these blocks! Bet it's lovely to see and have.


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