Friday, June 10, 2016

A Return Visit: Arlington Fabric Corner

Went back to Fabric Corner in Arlington.  Picked out another set of fabrics...

I really need to sew and stop buying fabric.  But my friend is getting interested in quilting and this store has such a nice selection I'm having trouble stopping myself.  Perhaps I will use this purple in the stash bee block for the month instead of the purple I got a few days ago.  The circle design is more pronounced in this purple as there are only two colors.

Earlier we each got a Sashiko panel, it's been hard to thread the needles so got this gizmo to help.  I have several from my mom of the version with smaller loop.  I think this larger loop will make it easier to get the thread after it's pushed thru the needle.

I took photos of the ends of bolts of fat quarter fabric I purchased on trip to Daly City.

Fabric Corner is really a wonderful shop.  Again I forgot to take photos to show it to you.  They do not have lessons there - it's all fabric.  Beautiful selections of batiks, novelties, and new fabrics that I see on all the blogs.  And such wonderful prices.  It's a great welcoming shop, I have enjoyed shopping here each time I visit the Boston area.  There are many nice little shops to go in around Fabric Corner too and places to eat.  A lovely area.  When you visit Boston area, this is a wonderful place to spend a day!

Gosh I need to get going on finalizing my block for the July stash bee too!  I'm thinking I'd like my block to include some rich yellows - tone on tone or slight variations of yellows and mustards. Originally I was thinking of it being all scrappy or black and white but since there have been so many specific requests for colors guess I can ask for what I really lust after too!

I really like having a new challenge each month, and seems so much fun to get to be the leader and have others work on something I request - and then receive them in the mail.  Perhaps though my stash was not as extensive as it should have been as I seem to be buying fabric every month to meet the requests of the monthly leaders.  So I'm not sure I will do again next year.

I am really liking the Play with Me challenges - the idea of making them into pillows has been very nice.  I'm pretty good now with putting in zippers and finishing the corners of the pillows too.  It's fun to see the ones I have finished lined up together on the sofa.

The Play with Me game board this month is set up for five different colors - and since I am doing in denim that will be difficult to do while away from my extensive denim stash at home.  My husband won't let me cut his jeans up on this trip - and I only have two pairs of with me so can't even get started on that now.

My friends sewing stuff is not where I am staying now.  But really I need to draft things out again for my July block since I didn't bring what I had started in San Diego.

But first I need to do Katrin's block so I can even be considered to have my July month as queen...


  1. I totally and absolutely agree to the statement that you can ask for what you really lust after fpr you queenly block. Please do and don't hold back, I am looking forward to sewing for you =)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! It was fun to think about that block. : )

  2. I'm enjoying your write ups of the different fabric stores. Isn't it fun to see the huge variety among them? Such a nice change from big box stores like Joanns where they all carry the same stuff.

    Go to quilting stores with my friend is what got me hooked, too :)

    1. You are so right! The local stores each seem to have some specialty that is just a pleasure to be around - even if you don't connect with the specialty! (I'm remembering a store outside of Denver that had a fabulous collect of fabric with different flowers. It was so beautiful, like a flower store. But I was looking for some tone on tone and they had very little of that for me.) The service is usually more consistently welcoming at a local store too. Thank you for coming by!


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