Friday, June 10, 2016

Expenses: Cambridge Gather Here

We finally got to Cambridge to walk around and enjoy memories of our previous time there.  Gosh, I really was made to live in this area....

We went for dinner at S&S.  No trip is complete without that.  Looking out the window I was reminded that Gather Here had moved, and the new location was right here!  It's in what was a tired old little grocery store ------ but that makes a huge quilting craft store!

First my purchases:

Two fabrics picked by my husband - the colored and white on white constellations.  They had them in different varieties of colors and there was a version with only the stars and lines and one with the figures filled in too.

I picked the fat quarter of the beautiful yellow gold with the crosses.  I am one of those disorganized or open people where my favorite place is where I am, my favorite food is what I'm eating, and my favorite color is what I'm seeing - but I think I do like different shades of yellow and white on what for fabrics....

Here are some shots of the inside of the store.  I chatted a bit with the lady at the front asking about when the new location had opened while my husband went down the shelves of fabric.  Within a minute he had found the constellation fabric.  So now that will be added to the UFO fabric he picked out from another store...!

I don't knit yet but can appreciate the selection.

A sashiko class was finishing up in this area - I got to see their progress and learned the teacher starts the class by having people roll the thread up - much easier that trying to work with it the way it comes.  The ladies all were working on white background and some had different colors, others just used one color.  They had done a lot and were very happy with the class.

This new location is much more accessible and welcoming that their first store.  The classes aren't inexpensive but the ladies in the three different classes I saw were clearly enjoying their projects and being together. 

The prices for the tools I had recently seen other places were the same or a bit lower than other places.
 Great price for Sashiko panels.
 Good price for thread, great selection of colors!

New to me are these Haptic Lab embroidery projects.  Available for many maps of cities, USA, world and the constellations!  The ladies at the store were working on a Boston map that will be fun to see - hopefully they will share in the store and/or online!  They do not have yet on their online site but Gather Here has a large selection in the case near the cash register.

Gather Here also has the largest selection I have seen of different ways to mark patterns on fabrics.

When you visit this area, it's shop to devote some time in!


  1. I would have fun shopping there too! There is so much to discover. I hope you do enjoy yourself thoroughly =)

    1. If ever you come to Cambridge let's arrange to shop together! : )


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