Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Days - Fabric and Other Things (Aug 28 - Sep 3)

Tuesday - Nothing with fabric
Wednesday -
Thursday - I set up the machine and practiced the August SewCalGal Challenge.  I did the border example as I couldn't get even the paper and pencil versions of the other types so they looked half way decent.
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday - I started sewing my FMQAYGQAL blocks.  I have watched the video and clicked on the links but am still not sure how to join the rows -but figured I'd never find out if I didn't do it.  I'll take photos so the next person won't have to worry about it.
Monday -

Tuesday -
Wednesday -
Thursday -  I listened to the ArchersOmni: 2012-07-08 while I was in the sewing room and the house was empty.  Boy, I've missed a bunch - hoping I can get a little more caught up in the story.  I guess I don't understand how iTunes it self works as I thought I'd automatically be getting the story.  It was nice to have company while I was drawing and sewing!
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday -
Monday -

Way Too Much Information

Front yard.  There is a slope from the rock wall to the sidewalk and
a low, spread out pile of dirt, rocks gravel, junk closer to the house.
Tuesday - Went to a wonderful nursery today -  Las Pilitas Nursery - only carries real native California plants!  The landscaper helped me lay out the front yard.  

I left with a list of things to do and the order to do them: level the ground (or send it away), Harvest more gravel and rocks, Plan where the dry river bed will go and the water lines. (mark with upside down paint) Get supplies at farm supply (Grangetto's or Hunters).  (She suggested 3/4  inch flexible poly tubing and pop up sprinklers*) Dig for the river bed and water lines.  Have water lines put in.  Put rocks in river bed and plant!
The front yard planting guide

* Native plants do not do well with drip systems!
She recommended not putting fabric under the dry river bed - instead to use round-up there.  She said the fabric deteriorates after a few years and is a pain to pick out between the rocks.

Then I had planning meeting for the conference.  Got a lot of information, still a few decisions to make, etc.  The folks who attended were all really nice.  It will be a good event - much better than last year!  I'm doing a better job of getting more help ahead of time so most of the big jobs are smaller.

I notified the master gardener that I would not be needing her services at this time.

Wednesday - I didn't get much accomplished today.  I wrote up a job aid for someone on the committee but haven't gotten any feedback so not sure if I was clear or if the procedure is too complicated.  I cleaned the kitchen, but didn't do any bookkeeping, writing up of notes from meeting yesterday, sewing.  Nothing.  AND I ate poorly too: 2 mints, peanut butter and jam sandwich, figs and walnuts.  I wonder why that happens?  It was hot, but no excuse or real reason not to get more work done.

Thursday - Very hot today.  Made sure to sleep so I was alert today.  I changed out one more of the sprinklers.  I hope the dual spray rainbirds will help get the water where it needs to go!  I had the house to myself so did some cleaning and pulled out my drafts of the August challenge - they do not look very well.  In the end I decided to do the border version.

Friday - Hot today.  Again just couldn't get started with finishing things.  In the evening I finally wrote up the notes for the Tuesday meeting and did the emails needed for the conference.  DH BBQed hotdogs for dinner - it was nice - although I really didn't want to eat any more for a month or so.  I've gone way  over my quota for once a month hot dogs.  I did get the data I need into FMP, then remembered I can't do the math there so am bringing it back out in excel - more difficult there to match columns....

Saturday - Started off the day by watering, planning yard in my head some more, bringing in the 2011 data into excel and successfully got rid of different year data and the data without proper coding for reimbursements and brought in the right stuff.  Then started the day long break it seems.  We have watched the last Christmas Special for Dr WHO and are now watching the newest episode while our first tri-tip is slow cooking on the BBQ.  We also are roasting the last beets from the garden.  DH did some weeding or cutting back of leaves in the AM so that's good.  He was probably working when I came downstairs and started on the unproductive day that this has turned out to be.  But it's nice to see Dr WHO again. Tomorrow I can get caught up with bookkeeping and restart clearning things out and hiring help for the house.

Sunday - Got a good rest.  Woke and got right started with bookkeeping.  I had forgotten that I needed to print out statements so took a side trip to do that.  In the end I had to go to store and get some new printer toner.  I"m not finished, but got farther along.  I hope tomorrow I can get a lot more done.  It was sort of nice to get out to store for the toner.  Walked around a bit too - and went to Costco to get salad - they have a new to me bagged Kale salad that we will try out.  Stopped to visit mom - left supplies.  She said she didn't want TV nor radio that she just spent her time thinking about things.  She didn't say what - maybe I should push her sometime....  At home DH got the new cable boxes in place so we   watch some TV while we had our left over tri-tip, corn, black bean, tomato, BBQ sauce and vinegar and oil salad.  Was nice.  I did some more work- I already think I keep deposit slips and deposit slips handy - but this time I forgot one deposit -and have to look to see where the checks were written.  I like the UBOC site so much better than USE Credit Union - and also better than OCTFCU - only UBOC let's me see the deposit slips and the checks - for many years back.  I really need to close those other accounts - at least the USE ones as they charge so much and really are lousy with customer service.

Monday - More work on bookkeeping....

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  1. Yard planning and sewing, that's a pretty productive week. Good luck with the yard. That's enough to keep you busy full time!


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