Sunday, April 24, 2011

April 2011 BlockLotto: Modern Clover

If I were lucky enough to win the blocks I would use the on point setting idea from Lyn Brown.


Example Blocks:  
I had a lot of WOW collected for BlockLotto, but then Sophie threw me for a loop (or is it threw me a loop?)  and said cream was to be used for the background.  After going thru some boxes, I found the fabric I needed.  These were easy to put together.  I like the bolder (rather than light) colors for the flowers.  Would be nice to add a third fabric in the flower for a non-BlockLotto block.

The directions Sophie provided are so clear!  A long time ago I made some Eleanor Burns Tulips (so old she doesn't seem to carry the pattern now) where we folded pieces of fabric and sewed down each side to applique the stems on.  Sophie's way of cutting slightly smaller squares of background and then sewing them to the full size stem fabric is much slicker I think!

While I was sewing I started my small tumbler project as a leader and ender. I picked a color and matched it with some muslin - so I have 19 pairs of those sewn up too! It made it so nice to pick up a pair of those to sew when I was at the end of a doing a certain part of the modern clover blocks - it feels great to think I'm working toward a quilt instead of just using up scraps of material....

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