Monday, April 11, 2011


Spent $10.14 for postage today....

$5.20 for the World Wide Swap.  I used acucutter to cut 180 small tumbler shapes in different fabrics (also traded my cut pieces with others in my Friday class) and then cut more than that number in plain muslin fabric.  I think it will be a good leader and ender project.  At first it seemed like the cutting was really easy, but it took a bunch of time as I had to pick out fabric and fold it up again after I did the cutting.  I hope the lady who receives the box will enjoy it.

$3.12 to send blocks and fabric to charity project .  She is collecting 8.5 inch red and white blocks so I made L O V E and 2 D4P blocks - I put in some charms in red and white that I didn't have a chance to sew.

$.64 to Texas to send BlockLotto D4P blocks.

$1.18 to Australia to send BlockLotto D4P blocks.

Total $10.14