Saturday, October 23, 2010

BlockLotto - October 2010 - Variable Stars

My five October stars!
Directions are here:

Examples are here:

Wonderful that I don't need to buy new fabric this month! I have plenty of solid white, solid creme, and solid light grey so I can vary my backgrounds too!

10-4 Monday - I made a block but it's smaller than 9.5 square. I added two borders so it's right now. I guess I was in too much of a rush as I was trying to get done before I left for my mom's... I'll do the next one in s-l-o-w mode. I'm going to use 3.75 squares perhaps for my next block, then I can cut down to be 9.5 inches square. Sophie said I couldn't use this block for the Lotto. Oh well.

Oct 20th - Made two more stars.  At first I liked the open center, but now I really like the pieces in the center!
The top block has some purple with orange swirl fabric that used to make A shorts for kindergarten.

Oct 24th -Finished two more stars.  I've discovered a little trick that I want to remember for next time I make these kinds of stars.  Pick the fabrics.  Cut different strips.  Then cut different sized rectangles and cut in half.  Then just place on the full sized background.  Arrange so it will cover the background when flipped.  Makes it easier for me than working with the same sized triangle to get variety in points.
The top star has a little bit of rocket material from a pair of pants I made for A!
Later Oct 24th - I made this star - it may be my last for this month's BlockLotto. This time I experimented with having very skinny points that do not touch when in the same square.