Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BlockLotto - September 2010 - Liberated Houses

Houses reversed in this photo...

Sunday 9/12 - Monday.  Pieced a house. Red Roof
Saturday 9/18 -  Pieced a house. Zebra Roof
Thursday 9/21 - Pieced a house. Christmas Holly Roof
Saturday 9/25 - Realized I missed the sneak peak for October as I forgot to post on the BlockLotto blog.  So I'll get these trimmed up .
Wednesday 9/29 - Put the new rotary blades in the handles so I could trim the blocks - posted on the BlockLotto site.

These blocks look like they would be a snap to finish up - but lots of planning involved and need to think ahead.  Both my houses have doors that almost reach the roof!  I thought on the second one I had fixed that, but there is something missing in the way I see the blocks.

9-18-10 Note ** I realize that the trouble is probably that I have been thinking of the block as having two parts - the roof and the house.  When really it has three - a little top of house that goes under the roof.  I can just create that part of the block in one strip of house color!

I'm going to make a few more - need to get more comfortable with this block!


Example Blocks: