Saturday, September 25, 2010

Liberated vs Modern?

Today I again spent time exploring different sites.  In the Modern Quilt Guild site there are lots of pictures to see - each time I look I am seeing the backs of the quilts I started so many years ago.  I hope to find them in the garage sometime soon!  The backs were always so much more fun for me that the fronts...  I think when I finally get them together I will put the label on the traditional front so the more modern, liberated, creative front will be honored more.

As I learn more I can't believe how narrow minded my first quilting class teacher was - and what a wuss I was to be bossed around by her!  I couldn't have yellow as my predominate color.  I couldn't use plain fabrics.  I was supposed to make all blocks the same size - that's where I finally broke off which was good - but didn't get the quilt done....

Liberated vs Modern - these are my thoughts today on this:

Fabric Use:
Scraps and assortment of fabric okay vs newer lines of fabric preferred?

Adapt and change traditional blocks vs create new blocks

Usually there is something in the block that is cut at an angle - but then the individual blocks line up vs the blocks and the settings are at right angles?

There are one or two colors that tie the project together - sometimes it takes awhile to be able to articulate what ties it together but it is there vs the same line of fabric is used so things all go together - not as many surprises?

Always looking back to the traditional and working to wonkify the block vs creating from scratch (or looking to newly created patterns for inspiration)

Age of Quilter
There may not be a difference although might be Older vs younger?

There does not seem to be a difference.

I'm not sure it really makes a difference - but it does seem like the various blogs use these labels.  I'm just trying to figure things out.  One thing for sure,  I prefer these quilts to traditional and kit quilts!

Of course with so few quilts under my belt who am I to talk - but the actual quilting part of the process is the crowning glory to me now.  I had so many flimsies and blocks in my other life - I was blocked by not wanting to hand my projects off to others to complete.  I'm so glad that Leah Day happened to start her blog at the time I was reentering the quilting fun.  Now I am able to do the entire project myself.

I'm also fortunate (since I have not met like minded people in person) to have the online forums and blogs to read and learn from.  Hopefully, in time, some of the folks will become my long distance friends.

I clicked to open this post to comments - just in case someone would like to jump in!


  1. Thanks for that summary, June. I agree with all your explanations. I like the clean look of the modern quilts, but I know they look that way due to all the white in the quilts and the coordinated fabrics--and I don't do things that way. But then there is the fun way: Liberated!
    Kathleen in CT

  2. Thank you for posting your comment - the first I have received on this blog! : )


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