Sunday, August 25, 2019

Crumb Quilting Adventure - Sewing Vlog - I Make Mistakes | Ep. 7

I'm continuing with making crumb pieces that will eventually turn into blocks following Darlene's directions.  

Here are the tips from this video:

1.  Use the sewn together strips as the base, and add various parts of blocks to that strip.

2.  Add interest by sewing a strip on another piece so it's on a diagonal.  Then add another strip or piece of a unit to the other end so you end up with two pieces.

So I did my version of this with these two groups of fabrics.

And this is what I ended up with!

I think the sewing to put strips together is a great one and I will get going with doing more of that.  Since I do not have larger pieces of fabric put aside for this project, I will use the strips I have.

On to Episode 8 for more inspiration!

A non-quilting aside.  

It is 90 degrees here this evening.  To do our bit, we are old-fashioned and only use fans in the house.  We have several window air conditioners but huddle together when we use them.  We haven't turned them on (except to check that they work) for several years now.  Today I put ice packets in front of several of the fans, so the wind is blowing the ice temperature toward the room, and that seems to help.  But can't do that easily in the sewing room so I'm turning off the iron and sewing machine for today.

I wonder when the smoke from Brazil will make its way up here?  And if it will be strong or diluted.  Several years ago we had two very big fires around us a few years apart, and we followed directions and stayed inside.  We could see the flames, but it was separated from us by several blocks, streets and gullies.  We saw an ember blow on top of a neighbor's shake roof and ran over to help them put it out before it took down their home.  Days later, when I did go to the store, there was enough ash swept up in the parking lot that it looks like snow.  The air was clear, but it was difficult to breathe.  We had enough food and electricity to keep things cold so that wasn't a hard environment to live (in the house looking at the fire and listening to the news) as long as we stayed inside. Everyone got new roofs after those fires. The second set of fires were farther away, but there was one out the front and one in the back yard so I really felt surrounded!

Can't remember when it was but once the electricity went out. (It was 2011!) Not just the city, but in our entire county, or maybe it was the southern part of the state!  What a mess the traffic was.  We couldn't cook.  We couldn't go out to a cafe as they were closed.  We couldn't watch TV.  That was really difficult to live thru.  And it was only maybe 12 hours starting at 3pm.  We had and have flashlights handy in different closets just in case.  But it was scary and uninteresting. Our son's friends came over for company, we tried to play cards to entertain ourselves.

We are using public transportation most of the time now.  A very un-Southern California thing to do.  But we investigated and now have pretty much mastered the system, and it is quite nice.  During a good month I probably drive two or three trips.  But I don't know if that is enough to do for the environment.  I guess we could plant some trees, but the use of water here for so long was restricted, something in me thinks it will be again. We should get a new, more environmental car soon.  After I go thru and get rid of our garage and storage boxes!

I haven't used a plastic bag for storing food all year, unless it was already used so I washed it out before using it again.  It was been rather easy to switch to using glass containers to store left overs in the frig or freezer. Glass is easier to clean too.

I remember when plastic bags at the grocery store were first started being used.  And liquid soap.  1973-74 when I was at university in Sweden.  It was such a new thing.  The first liquid soap there came in containers shaped like a bar of soap. You'd squeeze a drop on your hands then sort of rub them on the container.  Funny.  But think of all the containers that are floating in the ocean now.  : (   I am glad California sort of forced us to use reusable bags for grocery.  It's pretty much second nature to put a few in my backpack so they are handy in cases when I stop at the store in between the trolley and the bus on the way home.

A bag from store I went to in South Africa. Says it all. 
I think of it as I go thru things to get them ready
to donate or 
give away.  Freecycle is great for
things that Goodwill won't take.  (Opened
containers, food, non-working items)

We always have days here that are 90 degrees.  I just thinking of all these other things now.

We are planning another trip to Europe next summer.  For a family wedding and to tour a bit.  To make up for the flight I have to not drive for 8 months.  I read that in an article about the Swedes cutting back on their flights to help with the environment.  It cost so much more in time and money to take a train, but I guess the bigger picture is that it needs to be done more....

Oh gosh, and we are going to Eastern Africa in the fall.  I should never drive again, or eat meat!

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