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Crumb Quilting Adventure - New Piecing Technique - Easy Tiny Wonky Blocks | Ep. 6 Part 2

I'm continuing with making crumb pieces that will eventually turn into blocks following Darlene's directions.  It took me a little bit, but I found some larger pieces of fabric to follow her steps!
But first I tried to make do with some strips that I found...

1.  I sewed the together.

2.  Then I cut them apart and rearranged them, then sewed again.

3.  Then I added them to units that are on their way to being parts of blocks.  After pressing and cutting, this is what I ended up with!  I like the way the pieces that were added are different widths.

So today I did a better job of actually following her directions.  I'll paste them again below and will insert photos.  Hmm.  I didn't reread these before I sewed.  We'll see how well I remembered the tips in episode 6!  


Start with four or more pieces of fabric about the same size (say about 5 x 8 inches-ish).
Hmm my pieces are much larger than 5 x 8, but I think I estimated
that measurement anyway while I was watching the video.

Put two together, straighten one edge. I marked the sewing lines - that was suggestion in her video.  
Sew on that edge.  (Hmm.  I started sewing on the line.  In the end it turned out the same.)  Then move the presser foot about 1 or 1.5 inches and sew the fabrics together with a straight line.  Can do these wonky or straight.  

She turned the fabric each time she came to the end to continue with the seams about 1 to 1.5 inch apart.  Since I had three pairs of fabric, and didn't want to have these fabric over represented in the quilt, I chain pieced one one on each, then cut thread and sewed the next line.

Skip the initial line and then cut to separate the fabrics so each line has about 1/4 inch seam. I started to the left of the first seam and cut - again it looks the same as hers in the end.  Except I had forgotten to trim the extra dark purple off so to not waste those bits I added a step.

I sewed another piece of fabric to the end of extra dark purple... Pressed the seams to see the fabrics.

So when I was finished I had the longer double strips and also a few two fabric blocks.  I also used her trick to add one of the pieces to a larger piece that had too much of the same fabric, so this cut that fabric in half.

Continue and make a bunch of these.  Hmm I had a hard time finding the initial six pieces of fabric, so I didn't do any more fabric picking for this next step...

Repeat the initial steps again.  This time instead of just two strips you will end up with two strips each made up of different fabrics!

And yet another Hmm...  I forgot this step when I was originally sewing.  But sewed some left over strips for this blog post...  Sew two sets together until you have another little pile of fabric strips sewn together and cut apart.  (Goal is to have some that measure the same top to bottom.)  Depending on how to cut there could be a different number of strips needed to get the same measurement.  

Now you have a bunch of different strips sewn together - about the same measurement in one direction.

So then I flipped back to her previous tips and used the double strips as the base, and added already pieced pieces to that.  I didn't take photos showing sewing onto the strips, but this is what I had before pressing.

One of the pieces that I added to a double strip did not have a straight edge, so I used the edge of the strip to determine the sewing line.

Here they are after pressing open.

 Here are the double strips sewn together. I found another piece about the same length so used that too.

Here I used the double strips and filled in with other pieced units.

And here they are trimmed!  I used a longer ruler to be sure the edges were all straight.

So then I sewed things together, and this is what I ended up with:

Sew these together to make a crumb block all of little pieces, or combine with larger pieces of fabric for a different look!

I'll let you know right now that I'm sort of blocked on how to get these pieces of fabric together.

On to Episode 7 for inspiration.

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