Sunday, October 14, 2018

Expenses: Fusible Interfacing and Zippers and Crafty Gemini Class

I'll be making a few things thru the Crafty Gemini site.  Her directions are so clear, it will be nice to have items that I can use or give away right away!  As part of the 2018 Bag Club we will be working thru ten projects at rather a fast pace as she is thinking we will be making Christmas gifts to give away this holiday!  2018 Bag Club:  I'll do what I can to try and keep up.  But will have access to the lessons and patterns after the timed events, so I feel good about making the commitment to the sewing classes.

She recently posted a video about different types of interfacing and stablilizers to use in bags:
Very interesting.  I was going to get all my special supplies from Vanessa, but she said she did not have a master list of supplies needed for the different bags so I couldn't just order everything ahead and at once from her.  So I just went to Walmart to get what I needed for the first project.

I found similar interfacing/stabilizer to what she mentioned, but not the same manufacturer...

She recommended woven cotton interfacing. I had never noticed this stuff before, but looking at her video it looks very nice to work with.  I got two yards of that, and two yards of the light polyester interfacing that I believe I have used before.  My plan is to make several of the zippered bags using different interfacing in each.  In addition to these I am going to use felt and batting.  We'll see how they turn out (and when I get them done).

The first little project (Over-Under Pouchhas a woven top so I will get to use my wefty needles again.  Hopefully, with more success than last time...!  I know I can create the larger bag, but not sure if I will be able to do the design for the smaller over-under pouch.

5 22-inch zippers @ $1.77 each
2-yards fusible woven cotton Pellon interfacing @ $3.44 each
2-yards fusible polyester (unwoven) featherweight Pellon interfacing @ $ 1.97 each
Subtotal including tax = $21.11

2018 Crafty Gemini Bag Club $75.00  This price until October 16th then $95.00 - If you sign up let me know!

Total including tax = $96.11

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