Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Starry Bright Sky QAL: Embroidery Pattern 10b

Hmm.  Alida hasn't updated the website yet, but she did send out the patterns for the month.  This time the technique is embroidery. The pattern has directions for different ways to mark the design and how to do different hand stitches.  But as always it's open to interpretation...

I cut my star shapes out of freezer paper, then pressed them where I wanted them to appear on the block...

Then I referred to my sewing machine manual and found a stitch I thought would work to make the stars stand out.  (I had gone to a quilting shop, but they did not have any 12 weight thread in grey! So I decided to make use of what I already had).

Sewing Machine Manual download link:
I used stretch stitch 03 with the default settings.  When I was looking at the manual I didn't notice the name.  It was a nice sharp repeating design that made the stars stand out using regular thread so it fit my needs of making the regular thread stand out and appear thicker.

I completed the stitching in a short period of time.  Was originally just going to do one star, but it went so quickly I continued until I was done.

 I used my clover 'cheater' needle to bring the threads so they were all on the back.  Tied the pairs up with two knots and then left the thread long as I am not sure how short I should cut them.  I guess it's good the background fabric is so dark...  For the thread I used the Isacord Polyester Thread that Leah Day recommends for quilting. I'm not sure if that is what I'm supposed to be using for this kind of stitching.  I use cotton thread when piecing though.

Update:  Alida has updated her blog now!  The link to see how others are interpreting the block is:

I'm not sure how this will be quilted in the final quilt.  Sometimes wish I was doing these all Quilt as You Go so the stitching would already be in the batting.  Oh well.

I have found at least two other pieced star blocks that I'm going to make to add to the Starry Bright Sky QAL quilt - they will be posted soon!  I have done most of the blocks Alida has prepared, so may go back and do more of them.... Or maybe will go ahead and try to create the final block, it's sort of a New York Beauty block but looks to have blunt ends instead of a lot of points.

I started with a selection of blues and yellows for this project and have just been grabbing what was handy really when preparing the blocks. Handy meaning piecing that were already cut in strips or sizes that would still leave me with larger pieces of fabric.


  1. Good idea! I like your explanations too. Your block came out great.

    1. Thank you Betty! Appreciate your coming by and leaving a comment too! : )

  2. Clever way to trace the shapes!! Thanks for sharing all your tips and for linking up the picture on the blog! :)


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