Friday, June 8, 2018

Managing My Inbox

It's fun getting email. If I did not sign up for blog updates and newsletters my email activity would be very slow. I use gmail for most of my email. I have my work and volunteer emails set up so they go into my personal inbox, and I handle everything from there. It's very convenient. 

I set it up so my default email is my work email, and that helps me organize and find work related emails.

However, it means too often I either do not read emails including blog posts or newsletters, and when I do read them I do not delete them.

My gmail box has been almost full for a long time. 

So now I'm going through and unsubscribing from lists and newsletters.

As I unsubscribe I code the last email with a blue star, and delete all the unstarred messages.

This way I will be able to see how many emails I receive after I unsubscribed, and I will be able to see emails coded with any star (showing interest on my part), and if I want to resubscribe I can see an example email to help me decide.  I also could activate my blog roll on this blog to help me remember to visit sites...

It's slow going.  When I started I had used 99% of the gmail storage.  Now it's at 94%. I thought it would be lower, but that's what it says.

I've tried deleting emails by the date, or the from address - but this time I'm actually unsubscribing.

Some of the services people use for their lists have a spot where I am required to click on why I'm leaving. The choices seem silly.  - I don't want to receive emails.  - the emails are spam   - I did not subscribe  - not what I expected.  At first I was filling out the Other option as I wanted folks to know I enjoyed their emails and posts, but needed to cut back on emails.  Now I just click I don't want to receive these emails..


  1. I thought gmail gave you lots of room for messages! I've been clearing my inbox out too, but have lots left(64,648 messages to be exact!) My suggestion is to go through the emails that come with attachments. Those are probably the ones that take up the most room. Then I would focus on ones that tend to be picture laden. That will be more efficient to reduce space.

    1. I must have messages in another category somehow. I see that I still have 9855 unread out of 31,500 in my inbox. 67,000 total I think. But it says: 15.75 GB (92%) of 17 GB used

      My forums folder just has two emails - coded as blue so unsubscribed.
      Updates has 10,103 unread - 18,444 total
      Promotions - (can't see how many) 16,174 total
      Social - 150 unread, 315 total

      I think this unsubscribing and coding as blue will end up being a good thing, although I will need to make a list of the addresses of blogs in particular that I want to visit.

      Maybe I'll set up a different email just for quilting things (including contests) - then use this one for personal stuff.

    2. I can't see how to sort to see messages with attachments, but I've been doing it by going to a category and picking on, copying to get the address of the sender. Coding the top one blue, using the system to unsubscribe, then deleting all the unstarred emails from that person/list/company. Sometimes the require me to have a password first so that takes extra time. Oh well. It will be a fresh start along with all the boxes that I've been going thru...


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