Monday, August 15, 2016

RSC16: August Smoky Purple/Gray/Green

Here it is the 15th and I'm finally getting back into sewing more than the charity quilt I am QAYGing and then hinging the blocks together....

The colors this month are purple or grey with some green.

Again, I just used what I had in my hanging fabric for purple, then grabbed some grey and green to finish the block off.  I tried to use new purples (earlier we had a purple with yellow/gold challenge).


I forgot, since I haven't been sewing I've been:

  1. Going thru kitchen and bathroom cupboards to see what we have, to organize and give things away.
  2. Watching TV: Politics and News as well as Mr Robot, and Braindead.
  3. Going to pump classes at the YMCA!  Really fun and new to me, although I do wish the instructor would do a little more than just demo and talk us thru - sometimes I'm not sure I'm doing thing correctly and don't want to hurt myself!
  4. Walking and Playing Pokemon GO mainly with my husband!  

Last night we went to Pacific Beach.

Here I am in Pokemon GO.

Sunday we went to Pt Loma/Liberty Station for the Artwalk...
This piece is actually 3-D
Here are people doing activity organized by the previous artist.
 Pt Loma Artwalk - we had a wonderful lunch at Con Pane.  I had the turkey sandwich on rosemary bread and snagged some chocolate rolls too!
My husband ran into a student he had in his class 30 years ago and they had a nice time getting caught up.

Friday we met up with some friends for the Balboa Park food truck event.
We learned how to get more points and how to incubate an egg.

Monday we went to Coronado. There were hundreds of people playing GO.  Here they are in the medium of the main drag.

A cute window filled with happy people.

I've set myself up incorrectly though as my points are not associated with a team even though it says I'm on the yellow one.  I may end up setting up another account just so I can get more fun out of the gym part of the game.

Funny sign... Should the words be on a quilt?

We met a friend and had lobster rolls for dinner before our GO walk.

Another sign that caught my eye.  If the store had been open I would have bought and posted at home!

Art drawn on concrete at our neighborhood part,

Another day we went to the park that was near my parents home.  We were just driving by but saw the feudal costumes so stopped to walk around.

It's an organization that has events a few time a year.

We went to Balboa Park another time just the two of us to eat and play GO.
So if you haven't downloaded the game, I do recommend it.  I have gotten my husband to walk with me about 7 times so far this month!  The game interrupts the walking, so it's like walking with a little dog or a toddler, but still steps are steps! And it's nice to have extra opportunities to chat too!


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