Friday, August 19, 2016

Play with Me QAL - 2016-08 Coppit - Curved Paper Piecing

I have finished the block for this month's Play With Me Game Board.

The game is one I hadn't heard of before - Coppit.  (Looks like a Trivial Pursuit game board sort of.) The skill to practice was paper piecing with curves.

Really the most difficult thing was decided what fabric to use in the different spots for the block...

I am still using the same denim from pants I do not need, so my colors are black (very heavy fabric), denim blue, and two shades of tan.  I wasn't sure if I had enough of one color so thought it would be best to use both...

Tah Tah!

Side Notes:

I used fabric glue stick for the first piece of each section - that makes it nice and flat for adding the second piece of fabric.

When fabric joined at the center, I started at the center as I figured that was the most important to match up.  But everything matched anyway as it was a good pattern!

I used the seams in the outer circle as points to match, I think in a few cases reversing the order of the paper piecing would make the seams be more consistent.

There were corners in the templates that were to be trimmed, but when I put the pieces together the cut tips were up against uncut tips, so I'm not sure what I was missing in how the trimming was to help.  It make it harder for me to match the sides near the corners.

Since I used two tans, I could have thought ahead and counted the pieces so things would be alternating all around.

I trimmed the seams as I removed the paper and that worked out nicely for this block.


Another great challenge by Alida at Play with Me!  Please click to see progress of the others!

There is still one more month for you to join in the fun.


  1. The board is beautiful! Really nice use of tans and blacks. The trimmed corner is something that 'Quilt Assistant' always have in paper piecing patterns and I guess it helps reducing the bulk or maybe it's good for the alignment... I am not sure, because all the pieces are on the bias so whether any misalignment is because of the missing corner or because of natural stretching and pulling has always been difficult for me to understand on my pieces! Anyway, your board looks wonderful! Thanks for linking up the picture too!!

    1. Thank you again for coming by and for designing the blocks and organizing this adventure!

  2. Wow - that is really impressive that you could do curved piecing with denim. This circle is really inspirational. I am going to see if I can't do something like this for my circle quilt = maybe I will applique it.

    1. I just found this comment in my unmoderated comments folder! I didn't even know I had such a folder!!! Thank you for coming by and looking at my work. Looks like we will again be coming to Dayton so hope we can visit in-person again!


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