Friday, January 23, 2015

20151227 More progress on the QFK top

Attended class again, didn't finish the top.  Talking instead of sewing...

I found a piece of the beige fabric so I pieced in a piece so the selvedge wouldn't show.  Got the rows together and one of the borders.

There was a lot of talking in the class.  Next week is the first session of the new term so we need to be sure to get there on time and have some hand work to do as there will be a lot of people in the class.  Always is for the first few sessions then people drop out as the room is too crowded to any work.  It's a shame they do not just offer more classes, but if I can stick it out then it's a nice place to sew and possibly a place to meet people.  That hasn't really happened yet for me but perhaps if I attend more regularly it will!

The other topic was the Road to California Quilt Show.  I was one of the few not attending the show.  Maybe next year.

My out of town friend is still here so I'm having fun going about with her and having nice meals and outings.  We went to Orange County: breakfast at Knotts, South Coast Plaza and Ikea, Dinner at Tiako.  A nice day.

She is going to clear out more things at her place when she returns.  Was hoping when I heard that that she'd want to sort of report in progress each week or so so we could share and urge each other on, but she is not interested in that so I'm on my own for that.  I've signed up for a seven week yoga class so my plan is to go thru everything and get rid of extras within that time - so at the end I'm ready to go about hiring workers to make the improvements on the house that we/I want.  I can start as soon as my friend leaves...  But I'm so liking that she is here now.

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