Friday, January 16, 2015

20150116 A little more sewing

I attended the adult education class again on Friday and did more on the disappearing nine patch.

Sewed the blocks, cut them into quarters, then sewed them into rows.  The selvedge shows in one of the blocks so I wrote the Quilts for Kids coordinator for direction on what to do (replace with another beige or just let it show).  I have the two borders cut out so this this coming Friday I will finish the top.  Too bad I don't have the batting and backing but we will be meeting in person again the 2nd Sunday of February so I can pick that up from her then.

Next time I bring home fabric I'm going to ask to bring the left overs so I don't have to think about needing extra fabric!

And next time I make a disappearing nine-patch I'm going to do in a different layout so it looks like the quilt is made up of sashed squares!  I didn't have enough fabric to do this this time.

I finally found a photo with the general layout for the kitchen that I have been dreaming about:

This isn't exactly what I want or can have...  My window and sink are now wider so I wouldn't have the cabinets on the right of the sink.  And I think the door by the frig would have to be moved over so I would have the cabinets and space on each side of the oven.  

I like the way the wall behind the sink has tile - then the window starting so that would mean the window would need to be changed.   

Need to figure a spot for the microwave - a built in spot. and we put the coffee maker and perhaps the ninja and some seasons the toaster on the counter too.  So it's not exactly what I want or can have - but it's so pretty that finally my DH and friend could sort of picture what I was trying to explain so I'm glad to find the photo!  (hope I can find the source photo again!)

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