Thursday, July 28, 2011

WSF - FMQ Sampler - Spiral Tree (Beg)

Before Sewing:

(1:00 am) I watched the video - it seems clear, but I think I want to draw a few branches - in the morning before actually doing the sewing.  It would have been nice if Leah had included an example of what to do at the ends of the block, but I will try to figure it out!
Spiral Tree on Paper

(10:15 am) I rewatched the video and see that I interpreted what to do at the ends of the block differently than she did.  She has the rows of trees alternate in their orientation - when I did my drawing last night I switched it so all the tops were at the top of the block.  Guess I'll put this off a bit and have breakfast before deciding what to do.....
Spiral Tree Front

After Sewing:

Took about 20 minutes I think.

Spiral Tree Back
I messed up when I got to the end of the block - decided to just go with it as it....

I don't really like the designs that go up and down like this.