Friday, July 29, 2011

WSF - FMQ Sampler - Flock of Geese (Beg)

Flock of Geese - front
Before Sewing:

The video seems to be clear - although at the end she mentions an easier way to do the stitching! (Just make a checkerboard then add diagonal lines to make the triangles. But when I drew this out on paper it did not work out the way I expected.  If one wanted to make zipzag lines then it would work, but I think mass producing the pattern would not perhaps give the flock of geese block impression...  or maybe it would look like liberated geese blocks?

I think this one will look rather crooked  and just like my cursive on plain paper it will end up going up on the ends...  We'll see! Again she does not really cover what you do to start a new column of the design.  I drew the pattern out on paper again - hopefully that will help.

Flock of Geese - back
After Sewing:

I have no idea how long it took to sew this block.  I discovered a sho fly that I had not outlined with stitches so I started by doing that.  First the bobbin ran out, then shortly after that the needle broke and I had to go searching for that.  (It was where I thought I would be, only under a little container of small safety pins.  I think those pins are too small to use for basting, in any case I like the bent ones that I got at Walmart.

I decided to make the checkerboard grid, then I went back and put in the design in each square.  The sewing went pretty well, although I think I made the grid too large (about one inch square), so if I make this design again I will make it on a smaller grid.

It was pretty easy to figure out how to do the alternate columns, there are a few spots where I had to backtrack...

The needle is in the spot to do the next block so I will add the photos after I do that block or blocks...