Saturday, July 30, 2011

WSF - FMQ Sampler - Bamboo Forest (Beg)

Bamboo Forest - front

The video clearly shows how to deal with the end of the block - it's clearly explained I think, and what fun that it was inspired by a comment a blogger, Wendy, made about the Hardwood Floors pattern!  I looked at Wendy's blog and found it to be very interesting.  She is ten years younger than I am and recently returned from a trip to NYC with her daughter and sister - they went to trapeze school! I've never thought about doing that, but I was ready to do indoor rock climbing five years ago when I was really getting in shape...

I'm going to go ahead and do this block tonight....  1:05am

Bamboo Forest - back

1:50am  Three needles and one bobbin later.....  The pattern went well.  At the beginning I was adding open curves to the bamboo, after I changed the bobbin and had a chance to really look at it, I changed and made it so the curves were more on top of or near each other and that the end closed up.  I think that looks better.  I like this type of pattern, but think since I can control the sewing more now, that I prefer the hardwood floor look and sewing experience!

The first needle went when I was probably sewing too quickly into the curve, but the other needles went when I was about to stop so I can't figure them out.  I looked at the docs for the machine and confirmed that I was putting the needle in correctly too....