Monday, July 26, 2010

WSF- FMQ Sampler - Sea Oats

This pattern is just like the previous one (Sea Algae) except there is a little loop at the end of each off shoot. 

Front Sea Oats

My loops are a little stiff looking. Also, I need to work on curving the off shoot. I was so concentrating on the loop and curving the end that I now see that the branches look really straight.

I had to change the bobbin during the last column of this design.

I only made four columns – think I should have done five. And changing the length of the offshoots would make it look more natural.

I also see now that in both this and the previous design I was supposed to have the offshoots all pointing in reverse direction from the question mark ending.  Especially with this one I was really working to get the drops so they were all the same - so it's good to have photos to compare! Amazing that I missed this important part of the designs the first time I tried them!
Back Sea Oats