Tuesday, July 27, 2010

WSF - FMQ Sampler - Basic Chevron (Beg)


I had sort of used this design in my first FMQ quilt, but I had only one column of chevrons.

The video is clear. This design is good to do at the end or edge of a quilt as you have to flip the fabric to start the alternating columns of the design. I drew a portion of the design on paper before gong to the machine (one column then did the transition).

Front Basic Chevron

Man, I’m just not getting this design. I even used soap to draw a line so I would know where the tip was supposed to be. I just could not get a point to show in my sewing. During the second column I was sure the sides were supposed to go up against each other, but in the third I lost confidence and made them go more so they were in between. This pattern seems like it should be easy to do, but I’m having troubles.

I’m not sure how to correct this.  Next time I will draw a complete block instead of just the first column and transition.  Will be moving on to the next beginning design in the next section of the quilt.
Back Basic Chevron
To be clear, this does not look at all like Leah's Chevron. : (

I have now finished the first section of the WSF quilt (there were two shoo fly blocks that were both treated with SITD).