2016 - Things to Remember

This page will be archived as a post dated 12-31-2016.  I plan on cleaning the page up first...

Quilting/Sewing Goals for 2016
  • Continue going through old projects and finishing them up! Finishes Listed Below!
  1. Charity - flip binding green - tried out feathers, Baptist fans and orange peel - 2015/12/02
  2. Charity -  front applied binding - orange peel in a variety of thread colors - 2015/12/07
  3. Charity - Cultural Fusion Hour Glass - 2015/11/18
  4. NEW Finished Project: Pj Bag - 2015/12/20
  5. Finish Cow Pillow Cover - 2016/01/16
  6. NEW Checkers Pillow Cover - 2016/01/16
  7. NEW Nine Man's Morris Pillow Cover - 2016/02/19
  8. NEW Backgammon Pillow Cover - 2016/03/25
  9. NEW GO Pillow Cover - 2016/04/14
  10. NEW Peg Solitaire - front only 2016-05-18
  11. NEW Ludo - front only 2016-07-03
  12. NEW Hexie - front only 2016-07-27
  13. NEW Coppit - front only  
  14. NEW Snakes and Ladders front only  

  1. January 2016: Checkboard/Bargello also Pillowcase
  2. February 2016: Nine Man's Morris Pillowcase
  3. March 2016: Backgammon Pillowcase
  4. April 2016: GO Pillowcase
  5. May 2016: Peg Solitaire Pillowcase Front
  6. June 2016: Ludo Pillowcase Front 
  7. July 2016: Hexie Pillowcase Front
  8. Aug 2016: Coppit Pillowcase Front
  9. Sep 2016: Shoots and Ladders Front
  1. Finished Hour Glass Quilt
  2. Purple and Black Windmill Quilt - Basted Initial Quilting Finished quilting

Rise QAL - Hot Air Balloon Blocks
Have files saved for blocks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 I think that's all.

  1. Posted Jan 2016

Ideas to try: Using different colors of thread, curves in sides/binding, FMQing block designs

Instastitch by Sue Spargo - http://www.suespargo.com/store.php?cat=94  In denim/wool/cotton!
Have blocks 1 - 9 on computer

Decided to put this project off for now!  3-2016

  • Read blogs by Liberated Quilters, Improv Quilters
  • Attend monthly (third Saturday of month) sewing sessions Jan  Feb   March   April & April  May  June  July Aug  Sept  Oct  Nov  Dec
  • Attend Quilts for Kids (QFK) sessions and contribute quilts:
    Feb 29: Turned in Green, Orange Peel, and Blue quilts.
  • Attend Days for Girls sessions and contribute sewing
  • Continue updating the QuiltQuest blog
  • Liberated Round Robin 3
Not Quilting Goals for 2016
  • Continue to lose weight and get in shape
  • Continue to go thru garage and closets: See what we have, organize, etc.
  • Have people over for social events:  1-31-16 Dinner
  • Added later: Going out/ meeting with friends:  Z = Zumba and St = Starbucks
  • Continue walking at least three days a week with friends (each at least 8K steps)
11/30 P, 12/1 A, 12/3 A and 12/4 with DH
12/8 A&L, 12/11 P (didn't make goal)
12/15 A and later B, 12/17 A, 12/18 B and later P, 12/19 m
12/20 m and later BAM, 12/23 m (didn't make goal)
12/29 A, 12/30 P, 12/31 A, 1/3 H zoo
1/8 P (didn't make goal)
1/12 A, 1/14 A, 1/15 P
1/19 A (less than 8L), 1/21 A, 1/22 Road to CA, 1/23 buffy, 1/24 buffy
1/25 P, 1/26 A  Z ST J, 1/28 A
2/2 A, 2/4 A, 2/5 ZJ
2/10 m, 2/11 m, 2/12 m (made step goal but was walking alone)
2/19 P (didn't make goal)
2/23 A, 2/25 A, 2/26 P Z J
3/1 A, 3/4 P (didn't make goal) Z J
3/8 A, 3/11 P (didn't make goal) Z ST J
3/18 P (didn't make goal) Z ST J
3/25 P, 3/27 m (didn't make goal)
Easter week - didn't make goal
4/1 B, T 4/5A, Th 4//7 m, F 4/8 P Z J
Su 4/10 A/M B, F 4/15 Z J (didn't make goal) 
Not making goal of three days with others, only have one day each week with other walker....
Am attending Zumba class too though...

  • Read Books
Finished December 2016 - Behind the Scenes at the Museum - This was a good read.  It's the life story of several families, floating back and forth in time so sometimes the grandmother is a child and the other way around.  As I was reading it I wanted to rearrange things so they would just have one timeline, but near the end it turns out there was a mystery that became clear and that added to the story.  Is life what we leave behind, or is it what we do and see?  The way this story is told, it's both.  So I'd better get to clearing things out so what I leave behind is understandable!  This was the author's first published work - another bravo!
Finished December 2016 - I Feel Bad About My Neck - Delightful short stories.  I guess about the author's life and growing up and older.  There were several times I chuckled aloud, something that doesn't happen that often unfortunately.  I took a photo of the page where she describes the wonderful feeling of clearing her things out in preparation for a move...  It was as if we had died, but got to go thru our stuff.  It was as if we had been reborn and got to accumulate new things.  A few years back someone loaned me the Tina Fey's book - Bossy Pants.  I was not able to finish it, she was very unlikeable to me.  But Nora Ephron, the author of this book, I felt like I wanted her to be my friend and to guide me thru life.  I had to wince when Nora tells about being tricked into buying expensive creams to smooth out her skin (as I let this happen to me this last fall) but had to laugh when she said reading a magazine article cost her $20K as she talked herself into some procedure.....
Finished December 2016 - The Big Girls Club - Written by two women, this book outlines ten rules or commandments for working with women.  Each rule is then covered in a chapter and illustrated by talking about an experience. I was hoping this would give me ideas for what I should have done in the past, sort of a knock on the head idea that would clarify things and perhaps make me feel like - I should have thought of this myself.  But it didn't.  But maybe it's because everything is going swimmingly for me right now.
Finished December 2016 - The Borrower - A boy has a librarian kidnap him to take him on a trip, then I won't tell the ending.  A while back I noticed the 2016 challenge to people to read books about diversity.  I can't find the blog entry that struck me - it was that the person already was reading, and then saw the challenge and realized she could fill in most of the challenge.  Here is the 2017 Diversity Reading Challenge -
http://www.readsleeprepeat.org/2016/12/announcing-the-2017-diverse-reading-challenge/  I'm pretty sure this book would make the cut.  I wasn't sure how it was going to end until it pretty much ended.  This was the author's first published work.  Bravo!
Finished August 2016 - The China Fantasy - The book I have has the subtitle "Why Capitalism Will Not Bring Democracy to China".  Another version seems to have the subtitle "How Our Leaders Explain Away Chinese Repression".  This is a little primer to different ways American Presidents have dealt with China.  The mistake seems to be that they (as we all often do) keep thinking that in the end everyone wants to be like (the good parts) of us, and by throwing money, effort, trade their way this will happen.  The author points out though that China is different, and that the economics may change but the politics will probably not.  Clearly written, just over 100 pages.  Stops with George W Bush's administration.
Finished August/Summer 2016 - A Time to Grieve: Meditations for Healing After the Death of a Loved One -  A book given to me by my neighbor.  A nice thought, written in a way that was choppy though so disconcerting to me.  I do appreciate that she thought of me to share the book after my Mother passed away.  It took me a long time before I could open the book.
Finished July 2016 - It's All Too Much - This books was supposed to give tips for getting rid of clutter and organizing one's life.  I found it to be very empty of ideas and help.  The main point was to start with looking at the rooms in your house and deciding what it was used for and what in a dream world it should be used for.  Then going thru with trash bags and getting rid of things - either to dump them or to get them out of the house.  He suggests having a place for everything and then drilling family so they learn where things go.  I sort of remember his TV show and being inspired, but this book is not.
Finished July 2016 - Blue Shoes and Happiness - Entertaining easy read includes peeks into life in Africa along with tiny mysteries.  One of a series.  Fun.
Finished July 2016 - Glitter and Glue - Moving story about an adventure that turned in a nanny job that caused the author to think about and appreciate her own mother.  Very interesting - ended up being a loving story about a family that communicates.
Finished July 2016 - Borkmann's Point - Well done mystery with lots of references to Swedish-isms. I had suspicions on who had done the murders, but it wasn't until the end that things became clear.
Finished June 2016: Loving Frank  Last summer I had the opportunity to visit two of Frank Lloyd's houses, and enjoyed them so much I joined the organization with hopes of returning to other houses this year.  It hasn't happened yet, but I really want to go to Illinois and Wisconsin just to tour and see his projects now!  I have a little list of additional books to read or things to look up as I am very interested in learning more.
Finished June 2016: The Return - I believe this is the third book translated into English.  I have read the first and skipped to this one as it was handy while on a trip.  What a story!  So well told.  I'm going to read the second book when I return home as it's waiting for me there.
Finished May 2016: Spark Joy - Japanese way to organize. Had some good ideas.  I appreciate that she suggested with starting with going thru clothes, then books, then paper as she thinks clothes are generally easier to make decisions about so that experience would provide some success and confidence to continue on to harder categories.  Had some sort of crazy ideas too - she thinks it's cruel to the socks to ball them up, more kind to fold them up.  I'm glad I read and if I see her first book will read it too.
Finished May 2016: Miss Julia Inherits a Mess.  A really good read.  Information and guidance for making sure we are a little organized told thru the story of some unexpectedly named to be first to have power of health and attorney for someone, then name executor of the will.  Lots of other characters make the story interesting.  As soon as I return home I'm really going to get to clearing stuff out so no one will say they inherited a mess from me!
Finished May 2016: The Boston Girl - A realistic picture into the lifetime of a woman living a little before my mom. Fun to imagine that time.
  • Possible to Read: 
The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón; Lucia Graves (Translator)
The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul
The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris
The Little Paris Bookshop  
The Great Spring, by Natalie Goldberg
Read more: http://www.oprah.com/inspiration/Facing-Wrong-Turns-in-Life#ixzz41Ohe5zEK
The Things We Keep by  

From Pam H 5-15-16
Erik Larson:
1) Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania
2) In the Garden of the Beasts: Love, terror and an American Family in Hitler's Berlin
3) Devil in the White City: Murder and Madness at the Fair that Changed America
4  Isaac's Storm:  A Man, a Time and the Deadliest Hurricane in History
5) Thunderstruck (Marconi's new invention solves a murder mystery)

Bill Bryson:
1) One Summer, 1927.
2) At Home: A Short History of Private Life
3) Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid: A Memoir
4) A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering American on the Appalachian Trail
5) Short History of Nearly Everything

From: Heide 7-11-16 

The first book is The Physician. by Noah Gordon. One of my favorites. A bit graphic, buy I like the story. 
The 2nd book, is the 3rd book of the  trilogy to The Physician Called Matter of choice I never realized this was a Trilogy. Do not enjoy it the first time nor the 2nd reading. 
Thanks, Heide 

Remember/Check In
From the designer: Each month I will post about a new block on the blog and show you all how to put it together. 
The block will be a FREE download
Our quilt we will make with the blocks will be finished by September 2016. 
This "Japanese Taupe Quilt" will be approximately 40" (1m) without a border around it or strips in between the blocks. Each block will measure 10" (finished)
Each of the blocks can be made using scraps of fabrics in any colour you like.
The inspiration for these came from Susan Briscoe who made these traditionally pieced blocks for her guild meetings.
Each blocks fabric needs will be given in the pattern. The blocks will be made up of 3 or 4 taupe coloured fabrics and one brighter colour to add the pop. I bought 4 Taupe fabrics (1/2yard each) and 1 burnt orange (1/2 yard). If there is left over fabrics I will be using it on my other paper piecing blocks. 

VERY nice looking beginner blocks - available free for one month.  Saved in Craftsy account.
  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Apr
  • May 
  • June
  • July
  • Aug 1 & 2
  • Sep
  • Oct - on my computer.
  • Nov
  • Dec
Missing 3 blocks????

Quarterly Finish A Long - http://www.shecanquilt.ca/p/2016-finish-long.html Each quarter make a list with photos of projects you want to finish, then at the end of the quarter post about the finishes!

April 8 - 16, 2016:           Q2 proposed finishes linky is open
June 30 - July 7, 2016:    Q2 finishes linky is open 
July 1 - 6, 2016:               Tutorial week

1. Tumbler Quilt
2. Cultural Fusion Windmill Quilt
3. The Husband Quilt
2016 FAL

Q1 2016:
Jan 7 - 16, 2016:              Q1 proposed finishes linky is open
Mar 31 - April 7, 2016:    Q1finishes linky is open
April1 - 6, 2015:               Tutorial week

    My FAL 2016 Q1 Dream List:

    8.  Tumbler - Quilted during January - need to bind

    1.  Sharon Craig Half Log Cabin
    2.  Quilt in a Day Tulips
    6.  Farm Scene

    3.  First Stars and Planets - top only done, back is not but it is extra long twin might need to add to make queen sized
    5.  Irish Chain - need to swap out a piece of candle damaged fabric, then ready to baste. Back is ready for this one!
    12. Marston/Moran Workshop - need to make final decision on placement of the parts and sew together.
    13. FMQAYGQAL * - need to figure out how to join, the provided directions were not correct
    14. Wonky Shoo Fly * - this is being done as QAYG sections
    15. LibRR1* - need to finish two more rounds
    20. Friday Block Party * - I think just need to sew together to make a top or tops!
    7.  Cultural Fusion Windmills * - just need to sew together to make the top  Found, added blocks, this is basted now. Initial quilting done. quilting done in March - need to bind.

    4.  Husband Quilt
    9.  Large Blocks
    10. Made fabric
    11. Leah Day Building Blocks
    21. Quarter Circles
    23. Lone Star Pieces
    18. Small Blocks
    19. Fused Circles

    24. Whole Cloth Pillow *
    22. Cow Pillow - DONE 1-16-16
    16. PP Deer Pillow
    17. Deer Pillow

    * indicates I need to find all the related pieces for the project!

      Beautiful blocks - need to do someday!

      Make own Best Press - fabric starch

      Scraptastic Tuesday - Share your scrappy projects to inspire us all.

      The Rules
      On the second Tuesday of every month there will be a linky party on both Nicky's blog and mine.  You can link up from either blog but not from both please, as then your link would appear twice.
      To give everyone an equal chance of winning the lovely prizes you can have only one linkup per month.  Extra link ups will be removed. 
      I should be on the list to get the emails - here is the link for Dec 2015

      One Monthly Goal

      The first week of the month post what you want to finish, report back in toward the end of the month.
      1. January Goal - FMQ the tumbler quilt - DONE!
      2. February Goal - Piece and baste Cultural Windmill - DONE!
      3. March Goal - Quilt Cultural Fusion Windmill - DONE!
      4. April Goal - Piece the Husband Quilt - Didn't Do
      5. May Goal - Piece the Husband Quilt - Didn't Do
      6. June Goal - To have a good time with friends and husband! (no quilting goal other than to do the Stash Bee and Play Along with Me blocks for the month.
      7. July Goal - skipped posting
      8. August Goal - skipped posting
      9. September -  - skipped posting
      10. October  - skipped posting
      11. November - bind the 9 patch charity quilt - didn't do
      12. December - skipped posting

      The Year of the Stash

      Project QUILTING - Challenge

      Quick challenges - to be completed in a week!
      Due Sunday, January 10th, 2016, at noon, CDT

      • 45” x 60” minimum size
      • Entries must be completed quilts (patchwork, applique, rag quilt are all fine. It just must be a completed project)

      • Entries must be obviously (80%) scrappy.  For our challenge, prematched, precut (jelly roll and charm pack, for example) projects are not the intent and will not qualify for prizes. {using your leftover scraps from them is encouraged}
      • A Scrap is defined is a piece of fabric smaller than a fat quarter left over from a previous project either done by yourself or someone else.  (It's okay to have scraps from another person)
      • Entries must have been completed between October 20th, 2015 to November 3rd, 2016.

      Throwback Thursday
      Sherri Lynn Wood’s Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters.

      Charming Plus QAL:

      RedPepperQuilts Tutorials:
      See also list of finished quilts by year
      Oh Dear Two Baby Quilrs
      Binding Tutorial
      Postage Stamp
      Rectangle Checkerboard

      Cmbridge Civic Journal

      San Diego Canyoneers

      Organized Hikes in San Diego

      Appalachian Mountain Club
      Local Walks/Hikes Committee  


      Color ideas:

      How to make an interleave quilt:
      There are many variations to be  made with this technique!

      Circus Swirl Block  ** This or a variation of it, might be my Stash Bee Block.
      I will make a few to be sure!


      1. Jan2016 - Laura - Teal and Neutrals for 14" star block  Block
      2. Feb2016 - Renae - Summer jewel colors on B&W for 16.5" orange peal block Block1  Block2
      3. Feb2016 - Extra Poloroid Block1 and Block2
      4. Mar2016 - Amanda - White with mint or Kelly green or navy 12.5" plus block - Kelly Green Block 
      5. Apr2016 - Liz - White and B&W plus Block
      6. Apr2016 - Extra Missing-U Block
      7. May2016 - Lisa - Circle of Friends Rainbow and White Block
      8. Jun2016 - Katrin - Double Square Block 1 and Block 2
      I left this group before requesting block to be made for me, wasn't a match for me after all.  I had followed the group during 2015 and thought it would be a nice way to meet other quilters, but this year we were discouraged from writing comments on each others postings, there were no monthly questions to get to know someone. Most of the people in my group did not blog and did not email, nor did they thank or acknowledge blocks they received from me.  For my month, I wanted to have a block that would be special to me, but was told my directions were too long and that I should start with a block that was already written up.  The leader said I should have known what to do and that no hand holding was provided.  Because of the lack of community in my experience with the group, I bowed out before requesting a block be sent to me.  It was made clear that I was not really part of a group, easily replaced and that was it. Two of the ladies do email so that is nice and a very nice side effect of being on the list. I keep getting emails about joining the 2017 group, including notes about about how some people flaked out and didn't follow thru!!!  I keep trying to block the emails, maybe now I am successful.  It will be a long time before I join another online group where blocks are exchanged, and I will never do with this leader again.

    1. So Scrappy: Rainbow 2016: http://superscrappy.blogspot.com/p/rsc16.html 
      Monthly colors and ideas for blocks designed to end up in one end of year quilt.

    2. RSC16

      1. January: Blue with Purple Accent 
      2. February: Brown with Pink Accent
      3. March: Purple with Yellow Accent
      4. April: Oranges with accents of Black or Dark Brown
      5. May: Green with Brown
      6. June: Aqua Blues with lime green 
      7. July: Bright pink and juicy with just a dash of lime green rind. 
      8. August: hazy purple and grey with hints of evergreens 
      9. September: rose bouquet. Deep claret to shades of pink with a pop of gold to mix things up. 
      10. October: Yellow, oranges, pinks 
      11. Time to work on other things until January 2017!

      Another beautiful project: Hazel Starts 1-15-16
      Wednesdays - Link up for progress:  http://estheraliu.blogspot.com/
      1. Hazel Fabric Requirements and Block One File 1-15-16
      2. Hazel Block Two File - have
      3. Hazel Block Three - Have
      4. Hazel Block four - have
      5. Hazel Block five  - have
      6. Hazel Block six - now have all the pattern pieces for both sizes


      Also: http://sewwellmaide.com.au/2012/09/tutorial-seminole-piecing.html
      1. Row 1 Harlequin - have it
      2. Extra block 1 - do not have it
      3. Row 2 Peaks Band - have it
      4. Extra Block 2 Peaks - have it
      5. Row 3 - Criss Cross have it
      6. Extra block 3 - have it
      7. Row 4 - Free Row 4 Woven Star have it
      8. Extra block 4 - have it
      9. Row 5 - have it
      10. Extra block 5 - have it
      11. Row 6 - greek key band - have it
      12. Extra block 6 - key - have it
      13. Row 7 - Dog Space Spacers - have it - she said no extra block this time - next month would have two to make up for this.
      14. Row 8 have it
      15. Extra block 8 have it
      16. Row 9 have it
      17. Extra block 9 have it
      18. Row 10 have it
      19. Row 11: Borders 1 and 2 have file


      https://frommycarolinahome.wordpress.com/2016/01/08/scrap-dance-tango-mystery-quilt-2016/ - blocks available for a few months
      Step one - have file
      Step two - have file
      Step three - have file
      Step four - have file
      Step five - have file
      Not sure if there are more files to download....

      http://www.lenzula.de/en/bom/bom-2016.html - Ray of Hope - Stain glass BOM - free download for each month!
      January - have the file
      February - have the file
      March - have the file
      April - have the file
      May - Have the file
      June - Have the file
      July - have the file
      Aug - have file
      Sep - have file
      Oct - have file
      Nov - have file
      Dec - have file

      Block of the Month Polka Dot Chair

      Several patterns that were revealed as mysteries - patterns will remain online

      Has lots of nice paper piecing quilt blocks

      Paper piecing excel file to help size patterns up or down

      Way too much for me now - a Daily block program



      Block Lotto - free the first week of the month
      January - Birds in the Air - have file
      February - Snails - have file
      March - Violets - have file
      April - Butterfly - have file
      May - Leaves - have sneak peek file
      June - Improv bullseye - have file
      July - Green Leaves - have file
      Aug - Split nine patch - have file
      Sep - Barn Door - have file
      Oct - Dresden Plate (sunflower) - have template there is no write up for making the block yet
      Nov - rooster block - have file
      Dec -cross cut strings - have file

      Blossom Heart Quilts’ The Bee Hive tutorials

      Bargello QAL - all the steps are posted - for prizes post photo by April 22
      Also bought Leah Day's pattern

      Blossom Heart Quilts’ Modern HST Sampler Quilt-AlongThe quilt along officially starts when the first tutorial goes live on January 11! A new Modern HST Sampler tutorial will be shared roughly every fortnight (every other week).

      Updates can be posted First Tuesdays:

      Stitchery Dickery Dock’s Sugar Block Club this weekend.
      Updates can be posted on Freshly Pieced‘ WIP Wednesday.

    3. Threadbare Creations - free weekly BOW - 6.5 inch blocks - patterns already available online - http://threadbarecreations.blogspot.com.au/p/free-chatelaine-bow-sampler-quilt.html

    4. Leah Day 2016 - Machine Quilting Block Party!  - One block a month to work on - http://www.freemotionquilting.blogspot.com/p/machine-quilting-block-party.html  Leah's programs have always been very clear and  motivating.  As much as I dislike mysteries, I will probably at least purchase this so I can do later.  Decided not to do until I can buy entire year at once.

    5. How to Add the Perfect Quilting to an Appliqué Quilt


    6. Ironing Board Cover Directions: http://factotum-of-arts.com/2015/12/14/tutorial-selvedge-ironing-board-cover/

      • Not So Low Volume Blocks - An Orphan Block Scrappy Quilt Technique

        Yuma QAL - Good skill builder.

        AARP $5/mo lifereimagined.org/terms-and-privacy
        interactive activities with personal action plan and coaching to help people rediscover what matters most

        AARP Tek Academy - free online lrng to get more out of your devices  aarptek.org


        Just passing through

        Older guy walks into the service area on the parkway and asks one of the staff, "do you have a pay phone? My car broke down and I need to call my daughter." 
        The staff person, killing time by checking his cell phone, is confused. He's not sure what a pay phone is, then he figures it out, and says, "no," before going back to his phone.
        It never occurs to him to hand the phone to the man so he can make a call.
        Part of it is the boss's fault. He's not paying much attention to hiring or training or incentives. He's paying as little as he can, and turnover is high. After all, every one of his customers is just passing through, no need to care.
        And that message comes through to the staff, loud and clear.
        Of course, at one level, all of us are just passing through.
        From a more practical, business level, the ease of digital connection means that it's more and more unlikely that you can be uncaring or mistreat people and not be noticed. 
        But most of all, life is better when we act like we might see someone again soon, isn't it?from: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2015/12/just-passing-through.html

        Making a new decision

        It's almost impossible to persuade someone that he's wrong. Almost impossible to make your argument louder and sharper and have the other person say, "I was wrong and I will change my mind."
        Far more effective: Help someone make a new decision, based on new alternatives and a new story.
        Arnold got it right in this passionate invitation to (re) think about our future. From: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2015/12/making-a-new-decision.html

        Full speed, then stop, gracefully

        Quitting slowly doesn't serve you well.
        At work or in anything else you do, people will remember how you ended things. All in, then out is the responsible way to participate and to end that participation. Too often, we seduce ourselves into gradually backing off, in removing ourselves emotionally and organizationally, as if making ourselves unuseful for a while makes it easier for everyone.
        Professionals bring their A game to work. Every time. (Rare sports analogy: this is how good hockey players skate. Full speed, then stop.)
        Of course you will need to close things down, quit your job, move on someday. The responsible way to do that, though, is not to act things out while you agonize over a decision. Decide, give notice, make the transition work.
        Dropbox fell into the gradual trap with the Mailbox app they published for the Mac. They didn't support it well for nearly a year, and the last iteration of it broke many of its features. It's as if they wanted people to quietly disappear so they would have an easier time shutting it down.
        If you want people to believe your promises tomorrow, it helps if you kept them yesterday.
        From: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2015/12/full-speed-then-stop.html

        Notes from 1-29-17:
        Ending 2016 with approx 61,098 page views by other people.
        Blog has approx 643 Posts and 787 Comments and Responses.