Sunday, August 16, 2020

EBHQ: Online Workshop: Latifah Saafir: Molehills Quilt - First Prep

East Bay Heritage Quilters is wonderful. I joined a few years ago when Claire became one of their Workshop Chairs. I knew her only from the Liberated Quilters group on Yahoo. Anyway, she needed more people to attend a workshop and offered to host me if I could come. So I did! I have had a few years of wonderful quilting and friendship filled weekends since then.

Since the Covid-19 shut in order, the guild has been organized so locals can pick up supplies to make masks, and kits to make charity quilts. Once made they are dropped off and then distributed to various places.
From on 8-16-20. At last count EBHQ sewists have made and given away over 6,900 masks, 150 gowns and 150 surgical caps to various local medical groups and community organizations.
They have had zoom meetings and meet-ups. At first there was a presentation by Pati Fried who was going to teach the workshop and give the lecture at the meeting. She gave a very nice presentation, Quarantine Quilting: Listening to Your Inner Self to Spark Your Creativity, that coincidentally brought in several Ed Tech concepts when talking about quilting. I really enjoyed it and had fun sharing with my husband (the Ed Tech professor) afterwards. When I have attended the member meet-ups, they suggested a topic so every one got their turn to respond to the topic, and show off anything they were working on. Very nice. Smart to give us guidance so it wasn't just a chit-chat event.
And this month they are having their first online workshops!  I signed up right away.

Molehills Quilt

The design is made using paper piecing.  We can do a block so the curve is just one piece, or many, or can insert what ever shapes we'd like.  It reminds me of an echoing clam shell pattern or a Baptist fan type of design - but with fabric not with stitching.

I printed the templates and made them so the pieces would be all with one kind of fabric, so I can trace around them to get my fabric marked.  I glue sticked the pattern to a file folder, then cut it out.  Then I used regular liquid glue to put that on top of another file folder.  Waited for it to dry then cut that out.  I used scotch tape to position the templates with more than one piece together, then finished by putting packing tape on both sides of the joining parts of each template.

Later I will print more and cut them apart so I can have at least a few curves made with many pieces of fabric. These will be good also to help me check the sizes of pieces that I create with little pieces.

I'm getting excited about the workshop and getting ready for my full day of sewing!

It will be very nice to know how to join these all to make a quilt, that's for sure.

Her other workshop looks so interesting too - but I would have to give up one of my exercise sessions as the events overlap. Right now I'm leaning toward keeping with the exercise appointment.  Subject to change depending on other things.

I'm so glad that Claire and I have become friends, and so pleased to now be a member of EBHQ!

I'm delighted to feel like I know how to get food and supplies for my family, so even during this time of crisis I can spend time sewing and having fun again!

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