Saturday, March 28, 2020

Fooled Again Shame on Me

Last post I shared a link and information from the

San Diego Community Volunteers for Coronavirus Response

It was incorrect, and I apologize for contributing to the spreading of misinformation.

It may be that that San Diego hospital runs out of face masks, but it was not a true statement then to say they have and are asking for home made masks.

If you have made masks I understand they may be welcomed by grocery clerks, delivery people, home less people, nursing homes or rehabilitation centers (for example).

I have now subscribed to my local newspaper, so I am better informed on the local situation.


  1. here the shop assistants are not wearing masks which is worrying but they are going to put screens up to protect them this week. I am so thankful last year my grandaughter was in San Diego for 6 months at uni I do not know what we would have done if she had been there this year by the way she loved it.

    1. It must be very scary to be working in grocery stores or any place that involves masses of people now.

      I hope all the shops and businesses will be figuring out how to protect everyone soon. (Although I was reading article this morning about how the airlines were only cleaning the inside of planes at the end of the day - not between flights!)

      How nice that your granddaughter was here. What is she studying? Yes, I'm glad she is home during this pandemic. At the university where my husband works they had to close down the dorms - but there were a handful of foreign students who didn't have family to stay with - so they allowed them to stay. I think they are all in one building now so some dorm buildings could be completely shut down. There was talk of using the empty dorms for patients, but that hasn't been needed after all.

      We were looking forward to a long trip to Ireland, England and Scotland this summer. But the wedding of Irish relative has been postponed for a year - so next year hopefully can even go for a longer bit of time (husband will be retired then).

      Sending good thoughts!


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