Sunday, June 25, 2017

While Not Sewing I Found These Sites

Licorice All Sorts interpretation of Crazy Mom Quilts Summer QAL
Machine Binding Post
Fabric Basket 
Denim and T-Shirt Quilt
What Happens When One Passes Away (but has a lot of quilting materials)
Nine Patches are the Detail in the Quilt 
 Instead of sewing blocks she is sewing in columns - long seams!
Spring Sampler - Piecing and FMQing - My favorite site now for FMQing fun!
I scanned 10 years of tax returns with supporting documentation.  So many different consulting jobs. It was interesting to see again.  After dinner I'll shred.  The recycle bin is full already so now there are boxes of shredded papers lined up in the hallway...  Two of the unfinished rooms are pretty much empty as I moved their contents to the house for processing.  My original plan was to go thru a few books, scan, donate, discard, return, clean up and then continue - but then decided to bring things into the house.

We went to see Ham Radio Field day set up in Poway, impressive!  Next time we should go on Saturday and perhaps later in the day when it's not so hot.


  1. thanks for these links now following a few more blogs and also thanks for my mention


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