Friday, June 30, 2017

Expanding the Labyrinth Block Design at The Spruce: Fantastic Stash Quilts

Found this book that extends my idea for the woven frames so much it becomes the entire quilt top!  Her book has a controlled color scrap idea, and uncontrolled too.  Sounds very nice! Without seeing it I recommend at least looking into it - please see the video and link to the book too below!  Video

Referring back to my WIP:

I haven't done any more sewing on this project, instead I have scanned several of my notebooks from my reading masters degree.  Now I can discard them and have more empty space!

I have also scanned more papers from my mom, some recent so I put post-it notes on them to remind me they are scanned and it'll be okay to shred and discard in a few years.


  1. what a good thing to do putting papers on the computer not that I have ever worked out how to scan thin=gs on my printer but maybe \I will have a go now. I not only save to the lap top but also a memory card and an eternal hard drive to make sure I do not lose things!It has worked too as twice my lap top has been corrupted and has had to go in and be dealt with I would have lost everything if it was not saved.

    1. Thanks for coming by! Yes, the back ups and back ups are so important. I have time machine for one back up and put things on the cloud too. When I was working one time my computer crashed and I was too embarrassed to tell the office so my husband and I paid to have the files recovered - I could have gotten a new computer for the same price. So I do work more on backing up things now... : )

  2. Great idea! I've often thought of scanning my patterns into my computer with a back up plan. My scanner is easy and it would sure free up some space for...I don't know...fabric? :) Thank you for sharing

  3. To be continued: thank you for sharing! :)


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