Friday, February 6, 2015

20150206 More progress in crowded room

Attended the adult ed class.  The room was so crowded, I had to set up in the back row where the tables have computer monitors!

The tables are about half as deep, but I was able to push the monitor back so my sewing machine fit nicely.  I was behind some nice ladies who included me in on their conversation.  They attend a monthly guild that is near my house - at a church.  Each month there is sharing and sewing time in a big room they said with lots of seating.  The dues are just $25 a year so I may check them out.  After the first lady left the second felt she needed to tell me they have a lunch and say a prayer before eating.  So I have to think about it some more.

Even with all the talking, I got more of my charm squares sewn together.  I sewed so I have a bunch of pieces with three squares across.

No pictures this time.

By being in the back of the room, not only did I have the ladies behind me to listen to and chat with but I was facing a window with a beautiful view so it was, it turned out, a very nice place to set up my machine.

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